15 Easy And Budget-Friendly DIY Seashell Decor Ideas For This Summer

15 Easy And Budget-Friendly DIY Seashell Decor Ideas For This Summer

Hello dear DIY-ers! Are you ready for some awesome project ideas? Today I have prepared something very interesting. Summer is all about beaches and vacations. This year, don’t forget to collect some wonderful seashells. You can use them for making awesome home decor. Check out these easy DIY seashell decor ideas and make some for your home!

Seashell wreath

A beautiful wreath that screams ” summer” is a nice welcome for your front door. Gather all those unusual shaped shells and create a piece like this one.

Shell lights

This is a very creative way to use an item that is usually reserved for the winter holidays. Glue some seashells on every light and you will have a nice lighting for your yard or balcony!

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Ring trays

Looking for a easy solution for your ring collection? Here you have it. Just paint a big shell in gold, and you will have one stylish ring tray.

Beachy planters

This is a nice way to cheer up any cheap plastic pot. Stick some shells onto the sides and you have the best planter that has that summer note.

Seashell salt cellars

Did you know that you can use shells in the kitchen as well? This is a nice way to do it. Salt cellars made from shells will look extraordinary. Paint the inside with gold color and there you have it!

Hair pins

This is very cute. Girls will fall in love with shell hair pins for sure.


Ocean frame

is there a better way to preserve your memories then this one? A framed ocean seems like the most perfect DIY souvenir you can make.

Summer wind chime

Summer candle

This is another great idea. A candle with shells inside will make excellent decor and awesome gift too.  As a decor item, it will constantly help you refresh the last vacation memories.

Pineapple made with shells

Seashell mirror frame

Small shell candle

Owl figures

Amazing artwork