10 Essentials Spare Parts Plumbers Must Always Carry

Different professions have different tools that come with it. for Plumbers to take pride in their work, they have to invest in their field. To be the best at what you do means that you have to have the best there is. This applies here too. However, this does not mean that you have to have all the tools in the plumbing world but you at least have to have these ten tools.

  1. Pipe cutter

Every now and then, plumbers will need to cut a pipe or two and to get a clean cut it is advisable to use a pipe cutter as opposed to using a hacksaw. Pipe cutters are actually better to use as they can fit into more spots.

  1. Adjustable pipe wrench

A pipe wrench is probably one of the most important tools that a plumber cannot do without. A pipe wrench helps remove some stuck bolts and nuts and they vary in size and color.

  1. Spanner

When tightening, buts plumbers have a special liking for spanners as they’re well suited for that job. Spanners come in a variety of sizes to fit the occasion.

  1. Rubber washers

Rubber washers are also very important components that any quality plumber must have. Washers, however, may be used for a couple of fields. Thanks to Superior Washer & Gasket Corp you can get high-quality washers of different sizes and tolerance. Rubber washers are good with versatile surfaces and are the best in sealing applications.

  1. Slip joint pliers

These are also called water pump pliers. They have an interesting adjustable pivot to increase the size of the jaw. This means it can handle any size of nut it is needed to work on. They are ideal for providing a good grip when working.

  1. Piper bender

Every now and then as a plumber, you will need to bend a couple of pipes. What better way is there to do it than using your pipe bender. A pipe bender basically consists of two long arms and a whole piping mechanism that enables you to easily bend any pipe you need to.

  1. Plunger

Have you ever found yourself with a blockage situation and you were not sure what to do, I’m guessing the answer is yes, Then this is just the right tool for you to use. Plungers are household tools that you find in any house but as a plumber, you should always carry one.

  1. Hacksaw

Hacksaws are ideal for slicing into chunks of metal. The good thing about hacksaws is that they come in different sizes and it can never fail you in case you need to cut into a pipe

  1. Long-nosed pliers

Just as the name suggests, this is a pair of pliers with an abnormally long nose that can easily go dipper into tighter spots and this is ideal when operating with small spaces.

  1. Torch

A torch is actually one of the most important gadgets that a plumber should never lack. Why is this you may ask. Normally plumbers will fix spots that are quite hidden and to be effective you need to shine a light on them.