3 Tips on How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Furnace and Save on Utility Bills

Your HVAC system is arguably one of the most important aspects of dealing with the grueling winter season. When you live in a cold place, you want to ensure that your heating system is functioning at optimal performance. Tested by the brutal cold of the winter, the last thing you want to have is a breakdown of your furnace. You also don’t want to push your furnace too far and end up with a huge energy bill. 

Change Your Thermostat Behavior

It is ubiquitous to feel tempted to continuously change your thermostat’s temperature to get the ideal temperature inside your house, depending on how you feel. But this can be tough on the efficiency of your furnace. Constant variations to temperature put your system through immense load and increase energy usage. To ensure that your system runs at maximum efficiency, set your temperature to sixty-eight degrees when you are awake. If you feel like the weather is slightly cold for your liking, try and add extra insulation layers or opt for your favorite blanket to keep you warm.

Genadi Kahanovich, the owner of “Professional AC and Furnace Repair in Etobicoke” gives a piece of advice: “Moving towards temperature efficiency takes minor steps to embrace slight changes. By simply lowering your furnace a degree less than what you are conventionally used to, you will be making a massive decrease in your power bill while improving the life of your furnace. Letting the thermostat at a consistent temperature allows your system to maintain a constant heating output without having to shift the power to keep up with temperature variations always.”

Conditioning Air Filters On Time

Based on leading energy experts’ opinion, air filters are one of the most important facets of maintaining your HVAC system. Monthly checkups are advised to ensure that your system is functional at maximum efficiency. The best way to make sure you stay on top of your cleaning and replacement process is to have a reminder setup on your electronic devices. It is also a great idea to mark down the expiry date on the filter to help you assess its condition with only one glance.

If you are experiencing extraordinarily high energy bills and slowed airflow, you might be able to solve the issue by simply replacing your air filter regularly. During the replacement process, try to opt for filters with optimal MERV ratings. These higher ratings allow the filters to capture smaller particles, but they can also make your filters work extraordinarily hard. Sticking with optimal efficiency systems is a great way to save power while getting the best possible air quality. Finding the right combination can feel like a tricky process, but making an effort to find the right balance is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Getting A Pre-Season Monitoring By A Technician

One of the central facets of maintaining an efficient system is making sure that the system is well-maintained. A Pre-season checkup is a great way to ensure that every aspect of your system is working at maximum efficiency before you get started with the season. You don’t want to have your system shut down during the brunt of winter to have your furnace repaired. It is better to take the time during the fall months to get on top of your pre-season checking by having a qualified technician look at your system and vents and ensure that everything is in order. This checkup is often integral in sealing any leaking ducks and valves and setting everything right for the upcoming season.

If you are struggling with high utility bills, inefficient heating, and occasional signs of heating slowdown with your system, your system might be facing an internal issue. HVAC technicians are qualified to perform comprehensive system tests to check the pressure and correct the central problem. By putting in the time to address the system, you can be setting yourself up to save thousands of dollars in energy bills along with the hassle of having to worry about heating in the winters.

Efficient system maintenance ensures that your furnace stays in great shape for years without creating any issues. We all want to have a comfortable home environment, and by working on these tips, you can help ensure that your HVAC system is always running at optimal efficiency.

Final thoughts

When it comes to HVAC systems and especially furnaces, it is always best to play it safe. You might be tempted to purchase a cheap furnace and only get it maintained once a year or every six months. However, you will end up losing more money because it will probably consume more energy than a high-quality furnace. Besides, maintenance ensures that your furnace is always running smoothly throughout the winter season.