3 Ways to Upgrade Your Home – No Permit Needed

Making some of the most drastic and satisfying updates to our homes also requires building permits and hiring contractors. Sometimes these changes are made because you want to update your home’s older systems, such as the plumbing or heating and cooling. Other homeowners look to upgrade their homes in ways that will increase value the most. In these instances, redoing the landscaping or even upgrading your home’s facade could be quite helpful. Next up are three ways you can upgrade your home without a permit that will provide the best of both worlds.

Install a Smart-Lock Integrated Home Monitoring Center 

One of many homeowners’ most troubling concerns is home security. You can lock all of your windows and doors, but a daring burglar might still at least try to get inside. With security cameras and a home monitoring system, you will be alerted of any intrusion. Install a smart-lock integrated home monitoring system to keep your home protected in virtually all situations. Smart locks let homeowners lock and unlock front, back, basement, interior, and garage doors at will. See who comes to deliver packages at your front door, then provide instructions on exactly where they should leave your things. Unlock your door when visitors come before your arrival, and direct them on where to make themselves comfortable. This type of home upgrade is a big plus for everyone.

Upgrade Your Home Water Filtration System

For the most part, all homeowners can count on the water that comes in through their plumbing systems being safe for consumption. On the other hand, just because it may be safe to drink it doesn’t truly mean that you should be consuming it as-is. If you have a water filter attached to your sink or have a filtering water pitcher in your fridge, then why not upgrade your home’s water filtration system? Home water filtration systems purchased at discountfilterstore.com. Upgrading your home water filtration system means you will no longer have concerns about hard water, mineral build-up, or contamination.

Paint and Re-Decorate Your Home 

Starting with a fresh coat of paint, an interior makeover really can make a huge difference. Consider removing any old wallpaper, patching over those dings and holes, and giving your walls a nice update. When it comes to redecorating, you could rearrange your furniture and add a few new finishing touches. If you want to do more but you are on a restricted budget, think about sanding and staining your wood furnishings and having the fabric furniture reupholstered. Your house will be totally transformed if you take your time and update each room.  Not only will your house be modern and updated, but each and every space will appeal to your specific tastes.

Even if you have never swung a hammer, you can upgrade many different elements of your home. Get ready to change up the hardware in your bathroom and kitchen or install a new water filtration system. You really can make fully upgrade your home, and you don’t need a building permit to do so.