4 Signs you Need a New Roof

A good roof is essential because it protects your home’s interior. Also, a roof with a good design, can make your home more beautiful and even add to its value. While roofs are meant to last for long, most roofing materials do not last a lifetime. They have to be changed after a couple of decades. So how do you know when to change your roof? Below are some of the key signs that you need a new roof for your home. 

The Roof is Past Its Expected Lifespan

As stated above, most roofing materials don’t last forever. The expected lifespan for most roofs is around 20 to 30 years. However, you can get high-quality roofing materials that can last for longer than this. When a roof is near the end of its lifespan, it begins to wear and tear. As it wears out, the effectiveness decreases. Some roofs begin to wear and tear even before the expected lifespan. This can be as a result of skipping the regular maintenance or exposure to harsh conditions. Thus, once you get a new roof, ensure it is properly maintained so that it lasts for longer. 

There are Signs of Water Damage on the Interior

Stains, peeling paint, mold, and sagging parts from the inside are some other signs that you may need a new roof. Water will leak in and cause damage when the roof is worn out or damaged. The leaks can not only destroy your interiors but the effects such as mold can affect air quality and cause respiratory issues. Thus, as soon as you notice any sign of water leaks, have a roofing expert come to your house immediately for a thorough inspection. Some issues can be fixed with a little repair whereas in other cases you will need a complete roof replacement. Your contractor should be in a position to give you the best advice. 

There are Signs of Wear and Tear and Damage from the Outside

Missing shingles, curled shingles, cracked shingles and lots of shingle granules in the gutter are some other signs to look out for. These can be a sign of wear and tear due to aging or damage from other factors. 

Your Roof is No Longer Ideal

Your roof can become less ideal for a couple of reasons. A good example is an energy-inefficient roof that contributes to huge energy bills. The roof can also be too outdated compared to the rest of the home’s exterior and interior. You don’t have to stay stuck with a roof you don’t like while there are so many options. If you live in Hugo, MN, you can check out roofing options here: https://www.advantage-construction.com/roofing/hugo. Some of the options available for homeowners in this area include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and cedar shakes. Once you feel your roof is no longer ideal, and it’s nearing the end of its lifespan, you can start planning for a new one immediately. 

Compare your options when choosing an ideal new roof. Also, make sure that the installation is done by a reputable roofing expert to avoid accidents and damage. Proper installation also prolongs the lifespan of the roof.