4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa

So many people’s lives center around their sofas- from relaxation after work or during your weekend getaways, watching TV with friends and family members as well hosting guests when they visit. So before making such an important choice think about what kind of mood each furnishing will create for yourself.

Before you invest in a sofa, make sure to read these top tips on how to choose the perfect one. 

1. Consider Your Lifestyle

Before you buy a sofa, take the time to ask yourself what type of lifestyle you have and what your needs are for its daily use. Suppose your household is big, or pets/kids are present in the home. In that case, sectional sofas may be more appropriate than single seats because they provide extra space to accommodate guests who come over without feeling cramped from having too many people crammed into one room at once.

Another aspect is pets and or kids, and even the odd guest can be messy and leave marks of all descriptions on your sofas. That’s why investing in a stain resistant upholstery fabric sofa will save you time and money in the long run.

Stain resistant sofas are excellent for families and can very easily be cleaned. All accidental stains can be removed using only water, but a small amount of standard white household soap can be used if you have a more challenging stain. Keep in mind that immediate stain removal will ensure the best result.

2. Determine Sofa Orientation

Knowing how you plan on orienting your sofa is one way to make sure that the furniture selection process goes smoothly. Will it be placed against a wall and exposed in an open area, or will there be other elements like moldings around? Knowing these details also helps eliminate options before purchase as well.

Another important decision when looking for new sofas, particularly sectionals with corner pieces (which may not all look good), should involve what style of design you want. Also, whether you will be placing them side by side near walls where backs might show off wrinkles from tight spaces between frame members.

3. Measure, Then Measure Again

The measurements of a sofa are very important to take into account. You should think about the width and height, and length, as this will determine how close or far away from your wall it can sit when in use for sitting on (as well as if there’s enough floor space). 

Make sure that any doorways in between where people enter/exit through have been accounted for so they don’t end up blocking someone’s access with an oversized piece.

4. Be Selective with Upholstery Fabric/Leather Type

You’re going to want the suitable upholstery fabric or leather for your lifestyle, so make sure you do some research. If this is going on an outside surface, then opt for performance materials that can withstand weather conditions like rain and sun, plus small children who love playing outside too.