5 Reasons Why Should You Live in the Mountains

If you’re considering a move to somewhere more peaceful, few options come to mind faster than a mountainside or lakeside home. You may even be able to have both of these at once if you can find the right area. The land for sale in North Carolina, particularly in Ashe County, offers multiple options to make just such a dream a reality. From lakeside cottages to peaceful cabins in the woods, the area offers lush wildlife, a relaxed lifestyle, and plenty of other benefits.

Whether you’ve grown tired of the busy city lifestyle, are looking to settle after an extended period of travel, or simply want to live in an area that inspires you to live life to its fullest, the mountains are a great choice. The mountains around Asheville, North Carolina in particular are some of the most beautiful in the country, and they’re still relatively unpopulated. These are just a few of the best reasons to consider a mountain home for your next move.


One of the biggest perks of mountain living is the feeling that you have a place to yourself. Particularly when living in or near less populated mountain towns, you’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle with virtually unmatched privacy. This can be a double-edged sword in some areas if you have a long drive to work or into the nearest city, but oftentimes a bustling town with everything you need will be just a few minutes away.


Of course, it’s impossible to talk about a mountain home without mentioning the gorgeous views you’ll be able to take in every day. Expansive meadows, deep forests, incredible sunsets, and snowy mountain caps are just a few of the things you’ll be able to enjoy from a mountain home.

Most mountain areas also feature state parks that you’ll be able to visit on a regular basis.

Hiking, paddling, fishing, and camping are just a few of the activities you’ll be able to participate in while taking in nature and learning about the history of the area. If you do decide to go camping away from the town, you’ll likely never see a better night sky than you will in the mountains.


Getting a closer look at local wildlife is another great advantage of a mountain home. The mountains of North Carolina are home to many different species, and most of them are either docile or afraid of humans. Mammals such as deer, foxes, and even the black bear are common and generally peaceful. It is recommended that garbage is kept indoors and that any outdoor cooking areas are kept thoroughly cleaned to avoid attracting larger animals.

For those who enjoy hunting, North Carolina has many controlled hunting reserves. If you’d rather hunt close to home, it’s also possible to purchase and maintain your own game land, as long as you stick to regulations.

Health benefits

It’s undeniable that there are some health benefits of simply visiting the mountains, so it follows that living in a mountain area will provide these benefits year round. As anyone who has recently come to the mountains can tell you, the layout of the land is more difficult to traverse than other areas due to the frequent slopes and inclines, so you’ll burn more calories simply from walking around. The clean air at higher altitudes also provides some advantages in itself, and significantly lowers the risk of heart disease. In fact, there is a correlation between living at higher altitudes and having a longer lifespan.


Most people who live in the mountains will tell you that there’s just something special about it, and many have made the move simply to inspire themselves to live a better life. From creative inspiration to the drive to become more active, the mountain lifestyle can bring out the best in anyone. Mountain living has both tangible and intangible advantages, and the change may be just what you need for a fresh start in life.