Acrylic Renders: The Advantage Of Applying Them On The Walls 

It is the dream of every homeowner to have a beautiful house. Just ask yourself, would you not want to have a house which has a beautiful exterior, a house that is envied by your neighbours! A house with elegant walls is a soothing sight; it not only calms your nerves but makes the surrounding environment joyous and vibrant. 

You can have such a house by rendering acrylic on your wall. Acrylic rendering is the process of applying a coat of acrylic on the exterior surfaces of your walls. Acrylic is a plastic material, which can be applied on walls by leveraging the methods of rolling, spraying or troweling. Called rendering, this process binds the plastic and the cement particles together. Besides making your house beautiful, acrylic rendering has other benefits too. 

No cracks

The main benefit of acrylic rendering is that your walls are less likely to crack. If you are living in a place that has extreme temperatures like Perth, your house walls may crack up anytime soon. If there is a minor crack on your walls, it will expand during summers and contract in winters. 

Expose to the extreme elements over a long period will cause it to become longer and wider. If you have applied a normal paint over this wall, that paint won’t be able to paper over this crack. But thanks to acrylic rendering, this small crack will never become bigger and wider. So, your walls remain intact. 

Various options 

With acrylic rendering, you have a range of options available. You can apply acrylic on concrete, wooden, painted walls, timber, etc. With the right type of acrylic rendering, you can get the desired finishing. You can also do various kinds of finishings on your walls with this kind of rendering. Most people prefer smooth finishes, but you can go in for rough or other kinds of finishings too. 

Faster drying 

Unlike other forms of rendering, acrylic rendered walls dry up quickly. Normally, these walls would take just a couple of days to dry up completely. The other great thing about this form of rendering is that there are hardly any viruses, bacteria, etc. left on these walls, so there is a 100 per cent hygienic environment on your walls. 


We have already seen that acrylic rendered walls prevent cracks in your walls. The other major benefit of these walls is they are extremely durable. If you have kids around and they keep smacking balls on your walls, you need not worry much. Acrylic rendered walls can absorb shocks of small and medium magnitude in the long run. 

Given all these benefits, it is important to note that acrylic rendering is more expensive than its cement equivalent. The former comes in various pre-filled buckets. These buckets have more elements than cement renderings and therefore are more expensive. 

It takes less time to settle

One reason why more households prefer acrylic rendering is that this process is quick to execute. You don’t need a second coat as in the case of cement-based rendering. People who are extremely short of time will find acrylic rendering beneficial. 

You can get acrylic rendering ideas from companies like Sand4U. However, before you apply this rendering, make sure you have a base coat for better results. To apply a thin layer of acrylic, please follow these steps:

  1. First, apply the base coat.
  2. Smoothen it. 
  3. After you apply the base coat and has dried, apply a primer coat. 
  4. After mixing and preparing the render, apply it to the primer layer.
  5. Now smoothen the render, and remove the excess material before it starts curing itself.
  6. If you want to add texture, now is the time to do it.