Add Value to Your Home: Things to Try

With the current economic climate giving most people feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, there is no surprise that more and more people are wanting to make their money go a long way and last if possible. If you are considering upping stakes and selling your property, there is no hiding that you will want what you paid and more for it. Optimizing the value of your property is one way of ensuring that you are getting as much profit as you possibly can. We have some handy ideas listed below, of things to try and different ways of adding value to your home. 


Adding an extension to your home is an excellent way of adding value to any property. Whether you plan on extending an already existing room – such as the kitchen or living room – or by creating an entirely new room – including adding another bedroom – this adds a great deal of value to any home. While this is a costly job to complete, it is certainly one that will pay off. Taking a property from a two- or three-bedroom house to even bigger, is sure to attract attention of those in the market, especially if it is a unique attraction to the area. Be sure to take all factors into consideration when making the decision to extend your home; this is not a quick job to complete. With that in mind, it is estimated that an added extension on a property can increase the overall value by 23%. Much to consider. 

Kitchen Remodeling

Quite a popular choice for those looking to add value to their home, remodeling a kitchen will not only add value to the property, but bring a sense of elegance to the home, especially if it has been in disrepair for some time. Remodeling a kitchen is another point which would cost a chunk of money but is considered a worthy long-term investment. Kitchen remodeling would take a good deal of planning, the same as building an extension on your home. For help and guidance with custom home building, consider using the services of a professional home remodeling company such as Beattie Development. Working with you from idea stage through to completion, your visions are sure to come to fruition. Modernization of kitchens is said to be extremely popular with those adding value to their homes, not to mention, they are delightful to admire! 

Changing the Windows

Changing the types of windows that are within the property are sure to bump up the overall value of the property. Whether it be increasing the general size of the windows to let in more light, or by implementing triple-glazing windows instead of double. This is an excellent thing to try when wanting to increase the value of your home and is not as costly or time-consuming as adding an extension. While changing the windows will not add as much value to a property as that of creating an extension or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, this is a great thing to try for those with smaller budgets, or those wanting to make small changes to their homes.