Basic Commercial Door Repair Facts

Commercial doors are perhaps the major movable items in most offices and ensuring effective maintenance and repair becomes a safety concern, particularly when you have your staff using it every moment. Some basic commercial door repair facts that are worth noting include:

  • Despite the fact that commercial doors are designed to bear a huge volume of rough usage, occasionally one cannot evade hitches that come up. Such doors are constructed using durable, good quality and heavy-duty materials. Due to this, major hitches may be a problem to repair and may need a commercial sliding door repair Cutler Bay
  • Some of the small hitches you may encounter with your commercial door include problems with the door handle, as they are prone to most of the abuse. 
  • Repairing the handle may not be too challenging, but since it is a commercial door it requires a few special tools and a little bit of time. In addition, commercial door repair requires that you strictly adhere to safety standard. 
  • Simple push and pull knobs can be detached by removing the bolts in every angle that is attached to the door. After removing this, you can pull the knob off the door. 
  • You can then slide the cover plate off knob in order to expose the bolts. The cover plate then snaps into place without closures and in case of a small hitch in removing it, then turn it around slowly until it slides out without problems. 
  • Once the bolts are out, remove the one holding the handle in place. When you remove these, cautiously take each side of the knob and gently pull them apart.
  • Finally, look for a small opening in the handle. There exists a small hole situated on the side leading to the inside of the office block, which prevents interfering with the knob from outside. You can then use a screw driver to insert into the opening. This will enable you hit a release button allowing you to detach the handle entirely from the door. 
  • When you have successfully removed it, simply replace the doorknob while following the provided instructions of the commercial door repair.

Since these doors are used in commercial settings, it is not advisable to repair them yourself.

Strict guidelines must be followed, and doing them inappropriately could lead to more problems and safety threats. Therefore, ensure it is done properly by a commercial sliding door repair company, to avoid having to replace the entire door.