Registering as a member of a gym and obtaining passport membership can sometimes seem outrageously expensive. When it comes to enrolling in a training program in the gym, it often feels like you will have to shell out a lot of money. The worst part is that you need to keep renewing your membership to have continuous access to the gym’s equipment and instructors.

However, you do not have to feel overwhelmed by the pressure that renewing your gym membership brings. You could well have various items in your home that could be used as a substitute for the expensive gear at the gym, and the best part is that you do not have to sacrifice your fitness goals either.

Below are a few gym hacks that you can use at home to reach your fitness goals:

  • EXERCISE USING YOUR BATH TOWEL: Always begin any exercise with a warm-up. According to a yoga instructor, you can use your bath towel to stretch your deep shoulders. He further suggested that you should ensure that your hands are positioned slightly wider than the width of your shoulders while holding the towel in your hands. You can then lift your hands above your head so that it stretches the muscles in your arms and chest. Make sure that you rotate both wrists whenever you embark on the full extension stretch of your rotator cuff. For side stretch workouts, make sure that your hands are above your head while holding the towel in your hands as you bend sideways. Make sure that your abs are stretched as you perform this routine. Visit Valkyrie to learn more.
  • EXERCISE USING THE WALL: Walls can do more than define the boundaries of the rooms in your home and when it comes to gym hacks, a wall can be very useful in attaining your fitness goals. You can use a wall to exercise your core and lower body parts. One famous wall exercise is wall sitting. Make sure that your back is straight against the wall and gently slide down until your legs are 90 degrees at the knee. The idea is that you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Hold that position for at least 30 seconds per rep. You can tweak this routine by increasing the duration of each rep or by lifting one of your legs from the ground.
  • EXERCISE USING WATER JUGS: You can do more than drink water or juice from your jugs. An expert suggested that people can convert their water jugs to dumbbells. This implies that you can perform as many dumbbell reps as you would in the gym using your water jugs. It is advisable to start with Russian twists, bicep curls, and overhead presses before performing your dumbbell routine.
  • EXERCISE USING THE FLOOR: If there is one thing that the gym and your home have in common is the floor. You can take advantage of your home floor for burpees, jump squats, sit-ups, etc.

You can attain your fitness goals while saving costs by using the tips listed above.