How to Renovate Your House Quickly

Home renovation is an arduous task and can take enormous time and energy. The more the process gets stretched, the more difficult and tedious it turns out to be for the people involved. No one likes to get indulged in paint fumes and dust for days together. That’s’ why they want it to finish up as quickly as possible.

For those who don’t know how to go about it, here is a step-by-step plan for renovating your house quickly.

The Pre-plan

The first step is buying a home that is in dire need of renovation. During the acquisition of the property, you must also start planning for the renovation process. Look for the part/parts that demand repair. So, when you are inspecting the property, work on the areas you think should be renovated and what kind it should be. Click photos to devise a plan.

Get in a Partner

After showing the photos and the floor plan to a construction partner, ask him/her to accompany you to the site so that a plan of action can be drawn. For better results, you must take quotes from several partners.

Start the Process

After the design has been finalized, select a date for initiating the renovation process. You should also decide the date for completion while also considering the complications one may have to face and time that may be required to fix things up.

Set Targets

Only you can ensure that the timeline is met. For this, you must prepare daily or weekly targets for each task. This kind of plan if prepared provides a guarantee that there are no job clashes and everyone is aware of who will do what on the site on a particular day. There are online construction scheduling software available to assist you in this.


It is essential to cooperate on all the different kinds of work, and this list includes mason, builder, painter, plumber and electrician. Do ensure that the action takes place in a well-coordinated way. Do enable all the people for these jobs at least two to three weeks before the renovation process starts.


After you have finalized the workers, you must now look for the materials required for the renovation process. Chalk out a budget and start buying the materials needed. Then move out and pick things that fit into your budget. Make comparisons before making the final buyout. You must also ensure the presence of fittings at the job site before the workers ask for them.

Once the renovation is complete, you can move ahead with giving the final touches to your house; this is the ultimate step. You surely have a set map in your mind for this.

So, go ahead!