The Best Alternatives To Timeshare Vacations

Timeshare vacation holdings might seem pretty alluring at first, as they are sold to seem exceptionally affordable, with the extra charm of promising you a secured vacation spot year after year. However, there are tons of downfalls associated with timeshares. 

For starters, you’ll have to commit to the exact same spot year after year for your annual vacation. In addition, you will also probably end up spending much more than you would on other types of accommodation options. And lastly, timeshares can be pretty challenging to get out of, as they are forever obligations.

Fortunately, you can get rid of Mayan Palace timeshare holdings and various other timeshare vacation holdings with the help of an expert timeshare cancellation company. These companies will help you legally cancel your contractual obligations. 

And with that said, here are a few better alternatives to timeshares that you should consider for your next annual vacation. 

Short-Term Rentals

Suppose you’re planning a vacation that’s a little longer than a week or two; a short-term apartment rental would be the perfect option. These rentals are offered for a minimum term of about one month, and because they are spacious and furnished, you’ll feel right at home. 

What’s more, short-term rentals are always located in fairly convenient spots to attract clientele. And business travelers often opt for them as the more comfortable and affordable alternative to pricey hotel stays. 

Private Vacation Listings

Private vacation listings such as Airbnb offerings and others are also a great alternative, especially for those who are on a tight budget. These listings are generally self-catering, although this means you can plan ahead to save even more when it comes to your meals. 

In addition, these rentals are also rising in popularity, and as a result, more and more listings are emerging. So, there’s no doubt you’ll find something in your desired destination that suits your budget perfectly. 

Camping Or Glamping

Perhaps you’re in search of an accommodation option that you can keep, although one that won’t cost you indefinitely. In this case, investing in an RV home is an excellent choice. However, you also have the option to rent one if this option appeals more. 

An RV home is ideal for glamping, and you can take your accommodation with you on a road trip to your next destination as well. That said, if you decide to camp, you’ll soon find that it’s the most pocket-friendly vacation option around. And tons of great meal ideas will make your camping or glamping experience exceptional. Some of these include campfire beer pancakes and others. 


Guesthouses are increasing in popularity recently, although they’ve been around for quite some time. This type of accommodation will offer you ample space, although you will only be entitled to one room of the property. 

Most guesthouse accommodations are homes that have been converted for vacationers, and they generally offer a buffet breakfast or dinner. They are usually pretty affordable and located in hotspot areas around the globe.