10 Ideas for Practical Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means the holiday shopping season is just about to begin. Instead of handing out gift cards or those typical gag gifts at this year’s holiday gathering, consider getting your loved ones practical gifts that they will actually use. To help get you started, we’ve made a list of 10 practical holiday gifts that your family and friends will love — and that you might be tempted to buy for yourself.

1. Something For Their Furry Friend

While your sister’s cat may be completely content sleeping in a cardboard box or the back of the sofa or literally anywhere that isn’t a cat bed, sometimes kitties can be coaxed into curling up in a nice soft spot that’s actually meant for them. Different cats have different needs and preferences, which means there are many styles of beds to choose from. Whether you get a comfy, enclosed kitty cave or a plush, self-heating bed, the fact that you thought of their feline friend will mean a lot to your loved one. You can also get her a matching cat phone ring as cat owners usually love their cats.

2. Level Up Her Lashes


Is her makeup always on point? Is she the queen of highlighter and contour? Is she the only one in your group who is always selfie-ready? If so, consider helping her step up her makeup game and introduce her to magnetic lashes. The Destiny’s Child bundle offers comes with three swoon-worthy lash sets and liquid magnetic liner, giving her everything she needs to get started.

3. Strawless and Flawless

Is your best friend making it her New Year’s resolution to be more eco-friendly? Help her get started by giving her a collapsable stainless steel straw with a case that fits right into her pocket or purse, so she can stop feeling guilty about sea turtles while she sips her morning iced coffee.

4. The Perfect Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving. There are boxes for virtually every interest, need, and budget, which means you can find that perfect gift for them, and maybe even introduce them to products they might not have tried otherwise!

5. Naptime, Elevated

Everyone loves a good nap, but some people just live for naps. This blackout sleep mask is designed to help promote deeper sleep without putting uncomfortable pressure on the eyes or slipping around at the slightest turn of the head. It also comes with premium earbuds — perfect for someone who likes to sleep when the rest of the house isn’t.

6. Your Favorite Book


While bookworms tend to have a wishlist handy at any given moment, sometimes giving them a copy of your own favorite book can be really special. Order online from your favorite indie bookstore and write a little note on the inside (or on a bookmark) before you wrap it up. They’ll appreciate the handwritten note as much as they’ll appreciate the book.

7. A Place to Chop Onions

If you’re more of a sentimental gift-giver, a personalized cutting board is something to consider. There are so many styles to choose from — from cityscapes and monograms to handwritten recipes, this will be a gift your loved one will cherish and use often.

8. The Gift of Self Care

A spa getaway is nice, but packages are often expensive and once the day is over, you don’t get to take all of those products with you. If you know someone who is in need of a self-care moment, put together a little care package for them. You can include spa products you buy from the store, or go all out and make your own. Bonus points if you include a little note that says you’ll watch her kids for her for free so she can really relax.

9. Deck the Walls


If someone close to you just moved into a new place or is looking to redecorate their home, ask them for a general theme and then order wall decor from Etsy. It doesn’t have to be anything overstated or flashy unless that’s what they’re going for. It should be something simple that blends well with the rest of the decor and will remind them of you every time they see it.

10. Better Than a Fidget Spinner

Jobs can be stressful, especially with the craziness that is our world right now. While having objects at your desk like a fidget spinner or sensory cube is nice, these things can be a distraction and are easily pocketed by coworkers. Instead, give your stressed-out loved one a small jar of Therapy Dough scented with their favorite fragrance for tactile therapy to get them through those tough days.

The gifts you give your loved ones should reflect their personality, while also reflecting what you mean to them. From the right cat bed to the gift of an amazing nap, there’s a gift out there for everyone!