Good and Bad Sides of Having a Pet at Home

Having a bad day at work can instantly turn over into an awesome when you enter your home, and see that furry friend is looking at you with love. Whether is a cat or a dog, cuddling with your pet can make all your stress disappear. No wonder why so many doctors are recommending it. You may have already heard about the good sides of owning a pet, as well as the bad ones. But if you are planning to adopt a pet, this list of pros and cons can help you decide better if you need one.

Good sides of having a pet:

– Mental health supporters

We all are experiencing bad situations in some periods of our lives. In those moments all we need is support. You may have already noticed, your cat is making circles around you when you are feeling sad or nervous. They are good at feeling our energy. A simple cuddle will help us a lot, and make all the bad energy disappear in a second.


– Good companions

Besides the love and energy, they are spreading, they love spending time with us. Whether that would be a simple walk or a ball catching games in the yard with your dog can feel like you spent a coffee time out with your friends. If you want a great listener for your problems, tell them to your pet. It won’t tell you that you made a mistake.

– Exercising buddies

Not just your mental health, they are helpers on your physical health as well. Walking your dog is kind of a daily exercise. Boosting your immune system is also a benefit you can get from your pet. Having a dog, or a cat by your side can help you lower your blood pressure, have fewer cardiovascular problems, and become immune to many allergies.


Bad sides of having a pet:

– Expensive costs

You think owning a pet doesn’t cost a thing. And that is where you’re wrong. Being a pet owner is not so cheap. Besides the essential food supplies and needed accessories, your pet will need vet check-ups regularly, something you shouldn’t skip and it’s expensive. You think this is enough, and after some time you will notice you will need to invest in pet wall doors. Why don’t you do it now, to not bother with it later?


– Time commitment

All pets take time. It’s like taking care of a baby. You need to feed them, clean after them, groom them, and take them out for regular walks. They want to spend their time with you. And that is something you need to plan. It’s not good to keep a pet at home if you don’t have time for all these tasks. And you have to do it all by yourself if you are living alone. And that means sacrificing your time for your pet.

– Social consequences

Your neighbors won’t even notice you have a cat at home, but if you have a dog that barks so loud, you will receive complaints from them. If you leave it at home alone, the dog will probably try to seek attention. And leaving him outside your house, it may disturb other people, or make a mess in their yards.