6 things to consider before getting a dog

It is known that dogs are undoubtedly humans’ best friends. Besides their loyalty, they are a helping hand every human can ask for. A guard from burglars, and great at warning you of bad people and situations. Keeping a pet seems more like keeping a baby. There are many responsibilities you need to take. Are you ready for this step and take good care of him? If your answer is positive scroll below to find out what are the important things to keep in mind before having one.

  • A lifetime friend and a family member

Dogs are undoubtedly humans’ best friends. That is a good reason to have it by your side. A dedicated commitment is guaranteed if you choose a dog to be your home pet. As a companion in many activities dogs can not delay, cancel, or ignore a call from you. He will immediately join you whatever your outside activity might be. If the dog’s bed is in your house, then it is a family member as well.

  • A dog can affect your family health

Before going to a shelter to choose a dog, make sure you and your family are safe from allergies that can be caused by dogs’ furs. You don’t want to take the dog and then return it after a few days. They’re sensitive as well. You don’t want to break its heart. Consider asthma and other health issues that might appear when having a dog. Don’t worry if these health issues are already in your family, there are types of dogs that are hypoallergenic.

  • Calculate your costs

Before deciding to purchase a dog, it would be good to calculate all the costs you will need. The costs don’t end when the dog arrives at your home. You can’t leave your dog starving and only see him as a guard in your home. Provide him with all the needed food and drinks. Also, keep in mind that it will need some check-ups from the vet, because of the vaccines that should be taken regularly. In the beginning, the dog will need its equipment. Starting from a collar, bed, food dishes, and you might want to make a doggie door for screen porch. Trust me you don’t want scratches on your door, coz the doorbell is far from his reach.

  • Dog training

If you are planning to get a grown dog, you don’t have to think about training him. The dog will possibly be trained for most of the things, which is not the case if you are getting a puppy. Expect toilet incidents around the house, some teeth marks on the new furniture, and a messy environment. This all should end after you give your dog a home-training or training in a puppy school.

  • Time-consuming

Dogs are lovely and cute, but that is not all about petting. Much like people, dogs are seeking attention and are time-consuming. Sometimes you have to put the dogs’ needs before your own to take out him for a walk or bring it to the vet. And other ways won’t leave you to finish your work, cause he wants to play or cuddle. Make a plan when you should take it out for a walk, and if you happen to travel often, find someone who can take care of him, without missing any of its activities.

  • Choose the right type

All dogs are cute, but they all are different. There are endless kinds of dogs to choose from. When making a decision consider the dog’s size, it will be important if you don’t have much space to keep it when it grows. If you don’t like to groom it that often, there are types you can purchase to not feel bothered by this problem. Involve other family members and their opinions when choosing one, cause, in the end, the dog should live in an environment where he or she is loved.