15 Awesome Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Hey there! The statistics say that an average American throws around 185 pounds of plastic per year and that’s a lot. Whee all that plastic go? For today, my post is called “15 Awesome Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles”.

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There are many interesting projects that can be made from bottles, but I have selected the most interesting ones. I hope that you will like them and create them. Let’s check them out!

These upcycled bird houses are really fun and interesting and will fit perfectly to your yard. 

bird house
image via iamsammm.wordpress.com

If your kid loves art, then you can create these two projects below. Both are very interesting for kids rooms and are perfect for the kindergarten too. 

milk jug organizer
image via www.fabartdiy.com

Did you know that you can create a fabulous piece of furniture with plastic bottles? Yes you can and here you have the steps that you need to follow. 

Plastic Bottles Ottoman
image via wonderfuldiy.com

Perfect solution for your bathroom. It is really creative and you will save some money too. 

sink extender
image via www.juxtapost.com

Birds need food in fall and winter. You can create a bird feeder like this in just a minute and hang it on a tree in your yard. 

bird feeder
image via www.savvyhousekeeping.com

This is a perfect way to display your ribbons. The project is very easy and it won’t take you more than 5 min to create it. 

ribbon organizer
image via www.livemaster.ru

Some color pens are packed in a plastic bottles, so there isn’t a reason why not to store them like that too. 

bottle with pens
image via www.giverslog.com

Amazing apple containers made of plastic bottles. They look great and are very quick and easy for creating. 

Apple Butter Containers
image via www.repeatcrafterme.com

Your office desk needs a great organization? See this amazing idea below and make it. You can use it to store your earrings, necklaces, bobby pins, etc. 

drawer organizer
image via makezine.com

Did you know that you can organize your makeup with plastic bottles. I love this project and I will make it soon. Click on the link below the picture to see the full tutorial. 

plastic bottle organizer
image via www.alittlecraftinyourday.com

If you have some free time, you can try to make this plastic bottle waterfall. It looks amazing and the sound of the water will make your yard more relaxing. 

Plastic bottle waterfall DIY 3
image via www.theeverydaymomma.com

You have paid so much for your phone and when you have to charge it you need to put it on the ground? No way! I have a solution for you that will ease your life and protect your phone from damages.

holder for charging cell phone
image via www.makeit-loveit.com

Color pens are tricky for storing? Not anymore! These ideas are perfect idea to store your kid’s color pens!

No Sew Zipper Cases
image via www.makeit-loveit.com

Don’t have place where to store your jewels? Don’t waste your money on expensive jewel boxes – you can create this one below in just a few minutes! 

plastic bottles
image via www.epbot.com

Make your own vertical garden with planters that are made of plastic bottles 

vertical garden
image via www.thisiscolossal.com