3 Home Improvements That You Should Never Do Alone

Home renovations are expensive. One of the easiest ways for you to cut costs is to attempt the improvements on your own, instead of hiring the professionals. 

But, some DIY jobs are meant for the experts. It doesn’t matter how much money you’d like to save — trying them on your own could be disastrous. These three are especially risky: electrical work, plumbing and roofing. 

Budget for the Tasks:

If it’s safe to do so, postpone these big jobs until you can afford to pay the professionals. Inspections, repairs, and replacements take a lot of cash, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a while before you can hire them. 

If you unexpectedly discover faulty electrical wiring or leaking plumbing that pose an immediate danger to your life and you don’t have the savings to cover it, an online line of credit may help. According to financial institution CreditFresh, an online line of credit should only ever be used for unexpected emergency repairs. Take the time to find out if CreditFresh borrowing options are the right fit for your housework.


Not all plumbing projects are out of reach for the average person. You can do small tasks like unclogging a toilet, snaking a drain, insulating pipes or changing a faucet. But, when you get to more complicated tasks like replacing pipes or installing a dishwasher, you need to call a professional plumber to take the lead. 

Trying it yourself to save money could end up costing you a lot later on. For instance, improperly replacing a pipe or a water-hose could lead to a basement flood — this could cost you thousands in water damage. You don’t want to look down the stairs to your basement and realize that all of your furniture, electronics, and personal items are completely drenched.

Electrical Work

It sounds dramatic, but the extent of your electrical improvements should be changing the lightbulbs in your living room fixtures. Electrical work is complicated and requires years of experience to fully understand. And most importantly, making a mistake could put your health and safety at risk. You could accidentally start a house fire or get yourself — or someone else — electrocuted. Putting your life on the line is not worth saving some extra cash.  


The shingles on your roof are showing a lot of wear and tear after a long winter, so you want to replace them as soon as possible. What’s stopping you from getting a ladder, grabbing your toolbelt and doing it on your own? 

The reason why roofing is one of the top home repairs that you should never DIY is that it’s very dangerous. Much like electrical work, a single mistake could send you to the hospital. A fall from a second-story building could be fatal. Know your limits and keep your projects closer to the ground. 

You can paint an accent wall in your bedroom. You can put up a shelving unit in your home office. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could try tiling your entire kitchen (backsplash included). All of these projects are easy enough to learn, and if you make a mistake, the consequences — both physical and financial — will be minimal.