How to Pick the Perfect Sofa for Your Home

If you’ve been considering the purchase of a new sofa, then you should take some extra time to ensure that you find the perfect selection. 

Sofas are meant for lounging and relaxing, but they aren’t all made the same. This means that your decision will directly affect how much you enjoy your purchase and how functional it is.

Sofa styles range in style from large and sophisticated to minimalist furniture ideas. The one you decide to buy should suit the rest of your home and reflect your style preferences.

Trying to find a perfect sofa can certainly be overwhelming with all the choices available to you. Factor in the high cost and this means that you don’t want to make a mistake.

Take heed of the information below to help you purchase the best sofa possible!

Test Different Materials

Before you commit to anything, you should physically test out all the different types of sofa material.

A few common varieties include linen, leather, microfiber, wool, and cotton. The way that these materials feel all greatly vary, so you need to figure out which one feels best to you. 

There’s simply no way that you can understand this without visiting a furniture store and trying out the sofas. For example, a leather couch might sound nice, but it may not be as comfortable as you thought and perhaps a cotton sofa is the way to go.

You’re going to spend countless hours on your sofa, so you want to make sure that it feels as good as it looks. Testing them is the only way to learn this and it’s well worth the time investment.  

Consider Cushion Filling

While the external material is critical to explore, you should also think about the material found inside the cushions. To be more specific, the cushion filling.

What makes a sofa bouncy is the filling of the cushions. Depending on what type of filling you choose, your cushions will either be firm or giving. 

This is another reason why it’s helpful to test sofas before committing to a purchase. You can learn how different fillings feel and see which is best suited for your home.

If you’re looking for a soft cushion perfect for napping, then feathers are going to be a good choice for you. The main drawback of feathers is that they need constant plumping to retain their shape.

For a firmer cushion, you should look for a couch with foam or polyester filling. These will retain their shape and tend to be less expensive.

If you want something that is a good middle ground, you can look for a batting-filled sofa. Every filling style will be a little different and even within materials, there are variances in firmness and how comfortable they are. 

This is why you need to check various fillings to see which one you like the most.

Prioritize Seat Depth

One consideration that often gets overlooked is seat depth.

This seemingly small feature is a major determiner in how functional and comfortable your sofa is. It’s the measurement between the front of the sofa and the cushion resting against your back. In other words, it’s how much room you have to sit in when you’re facing forward.

Different sofa depths will result in varying uses for your couch. For instance, a shorter sofa depth will mean less sitting room, but it can be useful for working in. On the other end, a longer sofa depth gives more room for lounging and is easy to fall asleep in.

If you’re buying a sofa for your whole family, then you likely want a greater seat depth. With more room, it’s easier for your family to pile up on the sofa with plenty of room to spare.    

Use Your Space Well

Don’t forget to make good use of your space.

Your limiting factor in what type or size of sofa you get is often the space that you have to work with. If you have a fairly small apartment, then you’re going to trend toward a shorter and slimmer couch.

On the other hand, having ample room to work with may call for a more interesting solution. Rather than getting a standard two cushion couch, you might get a wide couch with several cushions.

Alternatively, you may look for an L-shaped sofa or a sectional to take up more room and provide extra seating. Sectionals are a fantastic option because you can enjoy them in many ways and this means that you can’t go wrong with one if you have the room.

Whatever sofa you decide on, just make sure it’s a good fit for the space that you’re using.

Closing Thoughts

Purchasing a sofa is an expensive investment that is necessary for proper relaxation. Your choice can make a serious difference in how much you enjoy it.

Picking an excellent sofa will make a room come together and provide endless hours of comfort. You should be thorough in your selection to ensure that you buy a couch that you love.

A few things to keep in mind throughout this process is to test different upholstery materials, consider various fillings, place a priority on the seat depth, and make good use of the space that the sofa will be going in.

A sofa might seem like just a piece of furniture, but it makes quality time with the family much more comfortable and this makes it special!