7 Cheap Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel like a High-End Hotel

The bedroom is a very important part of the house, whereas some just see it as just a sleeping room others view the bedroom as a place of tranquility, a place where they can just go and relax, read a book and get away from the entire racket around the house. The bedroom can serve a number of functions and that is why it needs to be well maintained.

You need to make it feel like you are in a luxurious and elegant hotel room. Here we will provide you with the best cheap ways with which you can make your bedroom feel like a high-end hotel so let us jump right in:

  • Illuminate the room through vibrant colors

Color is among the best ways to change the appearance of your bedroom and make it feel like a hotel. We do not want to use the dark boring colors because we want to make the room vibrant. Bright colors do that very well. High-end hotels usually strive to achieve that striking appearance within their rooms.

This makes their rooms and the hotel in general look lively and a place where their customers would want to recommend to their friends. Recommendation to others is not what we seek of course since we are not doing a business. We want to make our bedrooms breathtaking for us. Blue and white are some amazing colors you would want to apply on your bedroom walls.

Try and incorporate them on your bedroom cabinets, pillows and mattress. Blue signifies the sky and is a great color to feel connected to nature. White brightens up the room and makes your bedroom feel like a paradise on earth.

  • Hang your curtains high

High-end hotels usually have beautiful curtains so this is certainly an area you would not want to ignore. You can make your bedroom feel like a luxurious hotel by hanging your curtains high near the ceiling. Hotel rooms have this trick of creating an illusion of space and it works perfectly well.

Hanging curtains near the ceiling helps make your bedroom look spacious and also fancy in the process. You should also consider using curtains with soft fabrics in your bedroom as they are very attractive to the eye and make the room appear beautiful too.

  • Bring in some aromatic flowers

Fresh flowers provide a natural smell in your bedroom that connects you with nature. You will notice that some high-end hotels usually have a bouquet of flowers set up on a well selected place in the room.

The fragrance some of these flowers produce is unlike any other and they are just lovely to smell when you wake up in the morning and before going to sleep. Although you will need to maintain and replace them from time to time, their beauty and pleasant smell should be enough reasons to have them.

  • Light up your bedroom

Lighting is a key factor in every room. Luxurious hotels always ensure that there is perfect lighting in their rooms. Bad lighting can ruin someone’s mood in a flash and that is why they put so much consideration and work into it.

To select the best lighting option you will need to know what you want to achieve with the lights and how the lights will affect your room appearance. Hotel rooms usually have lights at the bed, in the bathroom, in the closet, on the cabinet and vanity and also have wall sconce lighting. All of these lights can be controlled from convenient places.

Their brightness can also be regulated. Apply some of these ideas on your bedroom too and make it like a hotel room.

  • Make the bed cozy

High end hotels will always have a comfortable bed. This is the single most important part of the bedroom. It is where the room derives its name. Some ideas to apply here include using dust skirts, having throw pillows and also a throw blanket.

You can also get a bed topper. They are less expensive compared to the luxurious mattresses big hotels use and comfortable as well. Pilling up pillows on your bed is also not a bad idea. Find well-stuffed and big pillows to put on the bed and systematically arrange in a slanting manner from the biggest to the smallest.

  • Add decorative candles

The light they provide in your bedroom is insignificant compared to all the other light sources but candles are used for an entirely different reason. Hotel rooms can always employ special candle use when expecting a honeymoon visit or other visits. Some may always have them on standby in case of a request. With that said I am sure that you already know what the candles are for romance.

Put the candles next to your bed or any other areas you deem fit for the occasion however care should be taken to ensure you do not burn anything. Candles will help create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom and can save you the cost of having to pay for some luxurious hotel.

  • Take advantage of the focal point through artworks

Your bedroom needs to have a point of focus and what better way than to have a beautiful piece of art on your wall. Place it slightly or high above your bed to break the surrounding wall color.

The artwork should be something bright and beautiful. The last thing we would want is for you to look at it for some few days and then want to reap it off the wall. Try to make it a picture, drawing or painting that you would want to see every day you step into your bedroom.


A bedroom is only as good as you make it. With a little renovation here and there and by using our tips you can be able to turn it into a room of elegance only found in the expensive hotels.