A Man’s Guide to Slides

Men seem to either love shopping or they absolutely hate it. Either way, there are some things you just have to shop for yourself and try on at the store rather than just looking online. These items are usually pants and shoes. Both are tricky, but shoes are a bit easier to navigate. If you’re looking for an easy shoe to shop for, then look no further than the slide sandal. 

Slides are fantastic shoes, and are very popular among men. While women tend to wear slides with casual clothes, it seems that most men prefer to wear them with their athletic wear. No matter, they can be worn any which way, but when you’re looking at buying a pair keep the following in mind: size, material, and fit

Figuring out your size seems like a no brainer, but if you aren’t a shopaholic and have little patience for trying things on, chances are you don’t know how to properly measure your foot. There are a few factors that go into finding your size. The length of the foot is the most obvious measurement, but it’s important to keep other factors in mind too. Things like your arch height or knowing whether or not your foot is narrow or wide. These features really affect the feel and fit of a shoe, so it’s always important to get properly measured before trying shoes on.

Once you know your shoes size and your foot dimensions, you can focus on the fit of the shoe. You want to make sure that your toes aren’t hanging out of the front, but also want to make sure that your feet aren’t sliding out of the shoe while you’re walking. Additionally, you want to make sure the slide strap feels right too. Not too tight, but not too loose. To get the perfect fit, be sure to try on several different brands and a few sizes that are close to yours, as every brand fits differently. 

When it comes to slides, some brands are better for arch support, while others cater to different sized feet. Brands like Adidas are known for catering to people with narrow feet, while companies like Freedom Moses are great for arch support and comfort. Arch support is important to have because if you don’t have it, it can cause other health issues.  

The third factor to keep in mind when looking is the shoe’s material. 

Most slides are either made from rubber or leather. Rubber slides are typically worn with athletic wear, while leather ones are for more casual looks. Both materials have their pros and cons so it’s really up to your personal preference. Investing in a slide that is made with high-quality material is very important too. You don’t want to be constantly buying new, replacement shoes, so spending a little extra on a nicer pair is worth the initial cost. 

Once you have your slides you can wear them anywhere! Styling slides is very simple, especially for men, as their outfits tend not to have too many components. The most classic look for men is either black or some sort of blue slide, like a navy or dark indigo color. These are great because they go with all athletic wear and can also look nice with casual wear. 

Buying shoes, especially slides, isn’t as daunting of a task as some men think. To make things easier on you, just think about these three factors and you won’t have to worry!