Is A Fixer-Upper Home Right for You?

If you love watching home improvement shows and are looking for a good house deal, then a fixer-upper house can be the right choice for you. A fixer-upper home provides buyers the opportunity to secure a house that would else be out of their budget. However, you should be willing to invest your time and sweat if you plan to buy a fixer-upper home. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to understand if a fixer-upper is right for you.


Is Fixing Up A House Worth the Effort?

A house is more than just a place to live in, and it involves a huge investment. A house builds equity over time. Even if renovating a fixer-upper may seem like a good option to boost equity and save money, it is important to evaluate the project’s worth and take your sweat equity into account before deciding to buy an upper-fixer. 

Can You Afford the Renovation Process?

Home renovation can easily get out of budget. When you start the repairs and renovations, you may find hidden damages that could escalate the cost. Besides, even if you plan to do all the renovation work by yourself, you may come across issues like replacing a breaker box or moving a safer load-bearing wall if handled by professionals with adequate training and machinery. 

Do You Have Time for the Renovation?

A fixer-upper home demands time and sweat commitment. If you cannot take time out of your day job, you may have to work evenings or dedicate weekends for the renovations. This could push your move by months, or you may have to restrict the use of certain rooms till the renovation has been completed. In addition, it is crucial to keep in mind that splitting your time between two houses can take a toll on your budget if you are covering the cost of both houses. 

Do You Have the Correct Skills?

It is also essential to consider your renovation and repair skills before committing to a fixer-upper house. If you are afraid of heights, lack the necessary renovation skills, or have no prior experience of using any power tools, it could be difficult to go through the renovations. On the bright side, if you are willing to learn basic skills and invest your time in fixing the house, a fixer-upper can be a good opportunity to learn basic home maintenance skills. It is important to evaluate both sides before making a decision.

Is It Your Dream Home?

Of all the things, the most important question to ask yourself is if this is indeed your dream home and it is worth the risk you are planning to take. If you live in the house for a long time, then the house value will most likely appreciate and compensate for everything you have invested in it.

The rise of home improvement shows has surely skyrocketed the trend of purchasing an upper-fixer. In the end, the decision of buying a fixer-upper home is a personal choice. By being mindful of all the factors listed above, you can decide if this is a good financial move. The experts at Rex Homes have more information to help you determine if this is the right move for you on their website here: