How to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Your outdoor home area should be a welcome retreat after a busy day.  Many of us don’t even know where to begin when we are thinking about updating our patio, yard, and deck.  Look for inspiration everywhere, including some of these fabulous Nashville homes for sale, that can provide you with some insight on how to decorate your backyard.  If you get overwhelmed thinking about the process, pick one item as your inspiration piece and build around that to simplify your renovation. Here are a few ideas that can help take your yard to the next level.

Dining Area

Creating a dining area for you to enjoy the beautiful weather is an excellent start to building your outdoor resort.   Getting outside comfortably after a stressful day is a lovely way to unwind and decompress. When you are creating your dining area, go for neutral furniture that can be used for years to come.  As styles change, you will be able to redefine your furniture by adding different pops of color. This can be achieved by changing out the cushions, placemats, and centerpieces you used to decorate.  This is a cost-effective way to do a renovation so you can keep reinventing your style year over year.


After you have selected your dining furniture, consider adding a pergola.  These are perfect for changing the look of your backyard and provide some much-needed shade on warmer days.  If you live in a smaller home with a limited back yard or a townhome, you can still use a pergola.  There are some fabulous options explicitly made for installing on your deck or smaller patio area.  There are even some options that have removable covers, so if you want to catch some sunshine. You can quickly adapt your pergola to accommodate you.


When your pergola is installed, now is the time to decorate.   Pergolas are a great place to hang soft, twinkle lights to add some ambiance to your space.  You should also consider hanging some plants around your dining area to add a cozier feel.  Candles are great options for romantic evenings spent outdoors. Spend some time thinking about the color scheme that you want to do with your outdoor area.  Don’t be afraid to use bolder colors than you would choose in your home. You can always go neutral with most items and use your accessories as a way to strategically add some pops of color to your outdoor haven.

Fire Pit

Fire pits are increasingly popular choices for backyard centerpieces.  If you enjoy the outdoors year-round, this is a crucial piece of the puzzle for redefining your outdoor space.  There are plenty of options for fire pits from small and straightforward to elaborate stone enclosed more expensive pieces.  Fire pits are natural gathering places. They are perfect for hosting a cocktail hour before dinner, or cozying up to and reading a book to unwind during your workweek.