How to Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary from the World

When we come home from the stresses of the outside world, we ideally want to instantly feel at home, comfortable, and in our own personal sanctuary. If we take this thought a little further, this should be especially true of our bedroom, essentially our sanctuary within a sanctuary. This will be especially important if we live with others; be it a partner, kids, or friends, we all need a bit of me-time. So, it’s fitting that we should expect our bedroom to offer just that. Follow the advice below to ensure you get the most out of your private space.

Hello Darkness, my Old Friend

Especially when sleeping or even just meditating, I find it easier to block out all external light in complete darkness. To achieve this effect, we need to look at blackout curtains or blinds. These can be installed as part of the window system or hung as regular blinds or curtains are. It’s essential to research and review what is available, as light protection varies significantly between manufacturers.


What entertainment should we have in our bedroom? For some, it is the height of relaxation to have a TV in the bedroom; others find it prohibits them from switching off. We can consider other forms of entertainment for the bedroom. An audio center can be all we need, and with the re-emergence of such retro items as vintage radios and vinyl record players, it can be stylish and practical.

The Comfiest Mattress

We could have the most stylish room around, but we will never feel entirely at ease if our bed is not comfortable. The most important part of a bed is the mattress, the frame is important, but it’s essentially just for show. I would always use a ghostbed memory foam mattress as the combination of support and comfort hands down beats all the other options.

Smells Nice

When we say your room should smell nice, we are not simply declaring that it should be free of rank odors, but rather it should be a place of pleasant and relaxing smells. There are various options for how to achieve this, such as scented candles or incense. Consider something that reminds you of relaxing times, such as vacations; this article sums that sentiment up perfectly, detailing various scented candles based on the sea.

A Book Nook

I always love to read to relax; getting lost in another world, delving into the secret thoughts and lives of interesting characters is the perfect way to relax. If we can create a unique space in the bedroom specifically for reading, it can make all the difference. A comfortable chair and a nice set of shelves to keep our favorite volumes upon. For me, it needs to be physical books, not an e-book reader; nothing quite compares to the feel and smell of the pages.

Looks Good

As well as the items in the bedroom being what you need to relax, it is also vital to make sure the place has an overall feel and mood that says relaxation. We should carefully consider how we should decorate, as well as the overall look of the room, and what furniture we should have. The theme should be one of style, such as light touch, with maybe pine or wicker furniture? This theme could successfully work with a light color scheme such as off-white or pastel. The artwork should also fit into this theme, consider images of beaches etc. this could also compliment the sea-themed scented candles we discussed earlier.

Clean, Tidy & Organized

We could make the room as perfect as possible, but it will matter for nothing if we keep the room in a perpetual state of clutter and mess. It’s impossible to relax when your surroundings are in a state. It’s also true that the last thing you want to do after a long day at work starts tidying. It is therefore essential to tidy as we go or do a little at a time in order to have a real sanctuary from the outside world.

Lock it Up

This one is specifically for those with kids. We all know that children, especially the younger ones, have a terrible habit of barging in at the most inopportune moment. This can have a disrupting effect, especially if you are looking for some adult private time. We should think about getting a lock for our door to keep the others at bay, if only for a brief moment.