7 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas to Try in 2021

The bathroom is the central area of the home that is often overlooked when it comes to decoration. But, you should decorate the bathroom to create an attractive place that looks fresh every time. 

Changing up the look and decor of the bathroom doesn’t always have to be expensive. It can be as simple as adding a new piece of wall art. 

Here are some bathroom wall decor ideas that you can try in 2021 and beyond. 

Go For Paint That Pops Up

We usually choose safe paint colors for the bathroom like white, grey, cream, etc. However, by picking up unexpected colors like red, yellow, blue, green will pop up the space of the wall.

By adding more colors to the bathroom walls, one can add more drama to the bathing area. It is a great way to add a new vibrant effect to bathroom decor.

Bathroom Friendly Wall Art


Opt for easy abstract art, calm landscapes, scenic art, nude art, figurative art, nature prints, or funky hangings. Wall art will stand against the moisture in the bathroom and add elements to the wall decor. You can get ideas from here to choose the best wall images for your bathroom. 

Have Fun With Mirror

A mirror is required in every bathroom, and decorative mirrors solve the purpose of both mirror and artwork in the area.

Shop for different shapes and sizes of mirrors. One can add different mirrors on the wall to add brightness and create a unique interior. 

Place Some Green Plants


Plants add a fresh, airy, and vibrant feel to your bathroom. You can opt for real and artificial greenery to decorate your bathing area in 2021. In addition, you can also go for wall art of green plants to add life to the walls of the bathroom. 

Opt For Wall Decal And Washi Tapes

For peel and stick options, they work as trendy options and add a modern touch to the walls. Washi tape with different colors can be used to highlight the molding of doors or shelves of bathrooms.

Wall decals like black and white animal decal, butterflies decal, ocean animal decal, flower decal, water splash decal, etc. Add an impression to walls behind your basins of the bathroom wall to give it a more cool and funky vibrant effect.

Set Tone With Wallpaper 

Choosing the wallpaper for the wall of the bathroom is a more manageable and cost-friendly option. It gives a finished look to walls, and other things in the bathroom fall in place automatically.

Add a bold and patterned wallpaper to set the tone and create a significant impression for your bathroom wall. Wallpapers with different designs like floral, leafy, figures, bamboo, and trees will set different tones in the bathroom.

Beautiful Floating Shelves


By adding a few shelves on an empty wall or built-in window of bathroom space. It will solve the purpose of storing makeup and beauty products and give the bathroom a unique look.

And people can show off the products they have stored in the open space. These shelves can be in any form like plastic, wooden, metal, steel, etc., placed according to the entire look of the walls.

Depending upon personal choice, from fixed bracket shelves to floating shelves, corner shelves, built-in shelves, etc. 


There is no need to opt for the total renovation of the bathroom to give it a new look. Instead, with a few bathroom decor ideas discussed above, one can freshen up the look of the entire bathroom at a low cost without much effort.

It’s one’s own choice and need for bathroom decor, which is the idea of adding more color to a dull bathroom.