How to Use Wall Sconces: a Lesson in Lighting

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance or make a bold statement in your home, lighting is everything. The right lighting can enliven a room, add drama and flair, or even make it look airier. 

Although lighting is as important in your home as your overall interior design, many homeowners overlook it. 

Of course, the most versatile light fixture is the timeless sconce. 

Depending on where they are positioned, hudson valley sconces provide the perfect balance of ambient, task, and accent light – which are the three elements of interior lighting design.

Wall sconces are practical because they save space, but they don’t compromise on style. 

Read on to find out exactly how wall sconces enhance your space, and how to use them for maximum effect.

1.  Accents

Believe it or not, wall sconces originated from Tiki torches and the dramatic flames that hung on the walls of medieval castles. Modern sconces have come a long way since then. Wall sconces are the obvious choice when it comes to accent lighting. 

Wall sconces can be used to highlight works of art, architectural features, and statement furniture by making them the focal point of the room. Twin sconces that flank what you want to draw attention to and create visual balance in a room and add an elegant touch.

2. Task Lights

Wall sconces are just as good as pendants when it comes to providing practical and ergonomic lighting. 

When wall sconces are placed correctly, they can illuminate any area and provide enough light for any task. Just make sure that you align your sconces so that they don’t create shadows where you don’t need them.

Some modern sconces also come with flexible arms that you can position any way you want, so using them as task lamps is not only an attractive choice, it’s a practical one too.  

3. Ambience

Interior designers will tell you that achieving the perfect lighting in a room always comes down to layering – which means that you should have light sources at different levels. 

If you flood a room with too much bright light, you can destroy the atmosphere, which can make the space feel harsh and unwelcoming. Too much light also creates dullness in your colors and furnishings and can ruin the mood of the room. 

Using a combination of sconces, recessed lights, and pendants is the best way to create balance. Sconces can serve as ambient lighting along corridors and living spaces with high ceilings. By adding some accent lighting sconces, you can also create points of interest in your home.   

4. Space

Sconces can maximize floor space – which is exactly why they are the perfect lighting solution for small apartments and modern homes. Because sconces are mounted onto the walls, they never get in the way. 

Wall sconces are popular as bedside lamps and in home offices because they replace bulky table lamps that take up too much space. 

5. Style, Size, and Shadow

The styles available for wall sconces are almost endless. From ornate, Colonial designs to sleek and timeless pieces, you can get them in every style you can possibly imagine.

When choosing wall sconces, however, it’s important to think about their size and placement before you buy them. Bear in mind that large, grand sconces are perfect for accent lighting, and smaller, less ornate sconces are better for task and ambient lighting. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that sconces also cast shadows. Some sconces create very interesting or dramatic shadows, so make sure the pattern or direction of the shadows they cast are appropriate for your home. It’s not just the light you need to think about, it’s the shadows as well. 

6. Romance

Candle wall sconces are perfect for setting a tranquil and relaxed mood – after all, nothing beats natural candlelight and dimmed-down lights on a romantic evening. Candle sconces can make natural candlelight a permanent feature in your home and dramatically transform the atmosphere. 

Use candle sconces as a feature on your wall near your fireplace, or use them to highlight your entryway and provide a sense of cozy warmth. 

7. Statement 

You can make create ambient lighting and add a bit of drama to a room by using multiple sconce lights, and you can alter the visual by placing them in various configurations. 

You can place multiple sconces in a small room with a low ceiling to make it appear bigger, and using multiple wall sconces are a great way to give your bedroom a classy, 5-star hotel vibe