How To Reduce Clutter In Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom of your home should, in theory, be a space that is calm, restful, and comfortable enough for you to escape from the daily nuisances you’re confronted with on a regular basis. The reality of your bedroom, however, can be a little different. 

If you’re a naturally messy person, or you’re simply just unable to figure out how it is your bed get’s so cluttered by the end of the weekend, you really aren’t alone. Getting into the practice of putting things away, investing in bedroom furniture that allows you to optimize your space, and ensuring your master bedroom is the commanding and comfortable space it deserves to be is simple enough once you have the know-how. 

Being able to savor your bedroom properly requires something a little more than just a large room, however – keeping your space clear and distraction-free is a big part of being able to get into a mental state of relaxation too. Here are our top tips and tricks for those of you struggling to figure out where the clutter in your bedroom appears at all, and how to do away with it completely. 

Unseen clutter that impacts your sleep

Before we tackle clothes on the floor or books on your bed, there’s a more significant danger when it comes to clutter that not a lot of people are familiar with, and it begins with taking a closer look at your mattress. Even if it still feels like the most comfortable mattress in the world, with time your mattress is likely to collect a massive amount of external debris, trapped between its layers.

In fact, older mattresses can weight up to eight times as much as they were when you first bought them. For obvious reasons, you cannot rest in a bedroom where you’re in the same space as so many nasties. Finding the most comfortable mattress you can for your sleep is, therefore, an important step towards doing a real de-cluttering of your space.

Memory foam mattresses tend to be ranked amongst the most popular mattresses you can find on the market, for several different reasons. The unique molding capabilities of memory foam mattresses mean that they’re able to support the contours of several different sleep positions. Memory foam mattresses are also the most comfortable mattress for those looking to retain a certain amount of firmness in their beds.  

Memory foam mattresses are also a fairly durable mattress if you’re reviewing different ones to purchase for yourself. While your master bedroom may be smaller or larger than standard, you’ll find a range of mattress dimensions that allow you to purchase a memory foam mattress that works well for the space you’re in. 

Though dust mites, other allergens, and germs technically fall under the category of invisible clutter, they have a very visible impact on the quality of your rest. Ensuring you’ve found the bed that is in fact the most comfortable mattress for your unique needs will help you get that much closer to a space that is clean, leaving you free to focus on your personal comfort. 

Optimizing storage space in your master bedroom 

Understanding how to make use of space efficiently can make all the difference between a master bedroom that works for you, and one that’s so cluttered you’re not sure where your brand new memory foam mattress disappeared underneath all the new clothing. 

There are plenty of bedroom furniture options that double as storage solutions. Finding the right nightstand can dramatically reduce clutter you would usually find lying either on your bed or around it. Even the most comfortable mattress can be rendered ineffective if it means that you’re unable to clear out the space on top of it for a good night’s sleep.

Investing in the right closet can also make a world of a difference. Make sure to allow spaces for certain belongings to be placed once you’re done with them. This will reduce the build-up of clutter, and also keep you practicing healthy sleep hygiene habits, that will improve your rest and increase your well being in the long run. 

If you’re working with a master bedroom that is smaller in size, there are still certain tricks to ensuring you’re getting the most out of both your memory foam mattress, as well as your space. Even the most comfortable mattress stands to benefit from a bed frame that is elevated. A bed frame that sits higher than your floor will not only allow airflow, helping to keep your memory foam mattress cooler, but it will also provide you with another opportunity for storage space.

When it comes to storing additional clutter under your bed, you’ll have to be extra cautious to ensure you aren’t blocking your mattress completely. Since memory foam mattresses do require some breathability to keep cool, make sure to use the extra space efficiently, and in a way that does not cut off airflow. Regardless of whether you have the most comfortable mattress or not, there’s no way to keep it cool if it isn’t able to have airflow through it properly. 

Reducing clutter efficiently in your master bedroom can not only have a massive impact on the quality of your rest, it can also make a world of difference in how comfortable and positively you feel about your space. 

Whether you want to invest in a taller bed frame that allows you to store things beneath your bed, or you simply want to look into a bigger closet, the solutions towards a clutter-free master bedroom are pretty simple. Ensuring you’re investing in the best pieces of bedroom furniture you can – the best mattress for your sleeping position, a nightstand that can stand a few year’s wear and tear, will all contribute to a much more seamless experience in your master bedroom. Put these tips and tricks into practice, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself with a zen space you can be really proud of.