How to Set Up Your Workstation for Freelance Success

The article looks at tips to consider when setting up a home desk. It also points at work related behaviors that will make you a more productive freelancer. You will also get tips to enhance efficiency while you work and improve your earning potential.

Making money as a freelancer is dependent on how well you are organized. One of the tools to get you organized is by setting up a workstation. It allows you to complete more work in the shortest time. For instance, it will take a few hours to write your custom thesis if your desk is comfortable. How then do you organize your workstation to enable you do more, produce quality work and save time?

  • Ergonomics and Comfort

Ergonomics means that you are positioned in the most natural state of the body. No part of your body frame will be straining. This allows you to work longer without physical fatigue. Some of the body parts that are likely to be affected by poor positioning include the neck and back. The impact might not be felt at the moment but eventually, your potential to move and carry load will be affected. Comfort requires you to have a soft seating surface. Your hands should rest comfortably on the table. Have enough space to move as you will need to stretch your hands and legs after several minutes of work. Consider footrests, pillows and lumber beck to support your back.

  • Use Natural Lighting As Much As Possible

Natural lighting will never strain your eyes. It also allows you to work for more years without straining your eyes. Take advantage of natural lighting by setting up your desk by the window. Use skylights to add to the natural light that is flooding your room. This is also an energy efficient way of working. You do not save money on transport to work then lose the money paying high utility bills. In case you have to use artificial lighting, consider LED. This is an energy efficient option.

  • Provide All the Supplies You Need Nearby

A workstation should be viewed like a real office. All the accessories and stationeries should be around the desk. Choose a place that is near the socket to plug in your electronics. Other accessories like the stamp, list of clients, pens and such materials should be within reach. Imagine a situation where you are in the middle of a call and the ink to your pen runs out. It will take you ages to get to the stores and buy another. By then, the business will be gone. Keep work related contact diary nearby. Other facilities you need around you could include a mini fridge and coffee maker. Going too far away from the desk for such supplies will slow down your momentum. It also wastes a lot of time that reduces your productivity. Keep the desk organized to make it easy to trace these accessories as soon as you need them. An organized desk adds to your motivation, creativity and productivity.

  • Avoid Distractions

This is one of the reasons most freelancers fail to hit their potential. Distractions will take most of your time and keep you from earning money. Unfortunately, you have to tame your pleasures if you are to succeed. Some of the distractions to avoid include the television, music, unproductive company and messaging apps. It is likely that you are using the internet in your work. Set specific time to access social media. You should also avoid video viewing pages, sports, gossip and such platforms that can keep you ‘entertained’ for an entire day. This will hinder you from meeting deadlines and revenue targets. Avoiding distractions as a freelancer enables you to achieve your potential.

  • Have an In-Tray and Out Tray

An in-tray gives you an idea of the work you need to clear. The out-tray is a motivating factor since you can see the much you have achieved. The basic idea here is to be organized. Employees have job descriptions and duties assigned when they get to the office in the morning. For a freelancer, prioritizing is mandatory. Check at the work load awaiting your attention every morning. Plan your time and learn to prioritize based on urgency. There are excellent planning tools for freelancers that enable you to track deadlines and levels of completion. This will also enable you to know how fast you are working and whether you need to improve your speed.

  • Take Advantage of Technology

Technology makes your work easier and faster. Upgrade your tools of trade to accommodate advanced features from time to time. There are apps for freelancers to perform such functions as time management, tracking deadlines, accounting, preserving documents, business operations and reminders, among others. These apps will reduce the time it takes to complete tasks. It will feel as though you are working in an office since you will get alerts, work schedules, reminders and even virtual support, among other services you require. Choose the apps carefully so that they do not become a distraction.

  • Create a Constant Schedule

Employees know that they should report at 8 and leave at 5. You need a schedule that is consistent and works for you. Know when to start work, time to break and when to stop. The body switches on to the fact that you are at work. This prevents you from relaxing while you should be working. You can also set deadlines and meet them because your body and mind are engrossed in the assignment. Without a schedule, your clients will not know when to catch you and when you are not available. It is also impossible to track your productivity. The schedule should be known to family and friends. This prevents them from calling you or coming for unnecessary chats while you are working, the same way someone cannot come to your workplace if you are an employee.

Freelancers are in the habit of overworking themselves by failing to take breaks. Take a break from work and time the breaks. Outsourcing work to will leave you with free time to relax. Create a workstation that is away from relaxation areas like television or music. Make the station as professional as possible to improve on your productivity and meet client expectations. With an organized station, you can easily hit your work targets.