Inexpensive Ideas to Stage a Home

Staging a home is crucial for anyone trying to sell a property. As a real estate investor, selling property or listing the space for rent is a key feature in your overall success. This is simply an exercise in putting your best foot forward for prospective buyers or renters. The power of a great first impression is a transcendent thing, and it holds true in the worlds of business, real estate, and virtually everywhere else in life. For those thinking of getting into the real estate market, the need to stage a home with ease and frugality remains front and center.

With this guide, learning how to stage a home easily and without breaking the bank is simple. Read on to bring this crucial skill to your overall approach to this investment space.

Start with a firm knowledge base.

Anyone in real estate needs to remain up to date on the trends and marketplace evolutions that are ongoing in any local market. Real estate investors who lean into the elements of a home that are getting buyers and renters excited about seeing and moving into properties can expect to gain better traction with each new property they bring to the open market.

With the help of real estate professionals like David Lindahl, building an approach that always brings great success is simple. David Lindahl has been investing in the property market for many years. He specializes in multifamily opportunities and, as a result, has staged countless homes and apartments for prospective renters and buyers. David Lindahl operates many great resources for investors who are seeking to get into this segment of the marketplace, and with one of his audiobooks or podcasts in your playlist, learning how to invest more effectively is as easy as listening along during your commute or weekend.

David Lindahl also organizes boot camps, seminars, and mentor programs. So finding an aid that works for your needs and schedule is easy. Mentoring is a key feature of this marketplace because the landscape changes so frequently and with an intensity that can be hard to track for those who are new. Utilize the example and resources of some of the market’s best investors for a greater level of success right off the bat.

Target high-interest features.


Many buyers and renters salivate over a hardwood floor. This is one simple feature of a home that can really energize the property and bring in far greater interest. Likewise, many people utilize paint to help sell the space. A fresh coat of paint can increase a home’s sale price by thousands of dollars.

Improvements are a must, but they are only one aspect of the staging process. To truly capture the interest of your audience, bringing in tailored furniture pieces and other decorations is crucial. Sparsely decorating the property gives those who are viewing the space the ability to see what the home would be like with some basic furnishings. Yet, this also gives them the ability to envision the home with their own decorations and furniture. Taking out any of your own belongings before people begin to walk through the property gives them the ability to easily see the space with their own flourishes and personal touches.

One great way to improve upon the aesthetics of a home is with a house plant delivery. Bringing houseplants into the space is incredibly affordable, and it can create a unique ambience that’s calming and inspiring at the same time. Indoor plants like succulents, fresh flowers, or a snake plant that require minimal sunlight (or perhaps even full sunlight in certain circumstances) are a great addition to any staged home, and they really bring a sophistication and style to the space that other options can’t match.

Try out these approaches to the home staging process for the best possible results.