Tips for Decorating Vacation Rental Properties

The pandemic may not be a thing of the past just yet, but businesses have begun to reopen. This includes travel as well. It is the perfect time to check your rental properties, do some repairs, and re-decorate if need be.

The first thing a potential guest would notice before booking your rental property is the pictures you provide of the property, so after deciding on the best way to manage your vacation rental using a short term rental software, the next step will be to decorate your rental property and ensure that everything is ready for your guests.

Have in mind that although most guests book purely based on what they see in the pictures you display, you must also put in background work to ensure that all necessary amenities are in good condition. Managing a rental property requires you to be meticulous so that all necessary boxes are ticked. You may use an Airbnb property management software to make your work easier and faster.

Here are a few tips to help you decorate your rental apartment:  

Choose a Furniture with Durability 

Pretty furniture is only pretty enough to feed the eyes, but what else does it offer? Choose furniture that is not only pretty but appropriate for guests as well. When choosing furniture, do not put your personal preferences first, think of what your guests will want; something comfortable and enduring. 

Take out the old worn-out sofa and replace it with a more comfy and appropriate one. That creaky bed should be replaced with one that is durable. Some furniture does not need to be replaced but repaired. Do all the necessary repairs and fittings before listing your property out for guests.

Give it Some Personality 

You can give your rental home personality by choosing a theme and decorating around the chosen theme. Your theme should reflect on your choice of wallpaper or paintings, furniture, flowers, paintings, and even carpets.

You may choose a theme based on the location of your rental home. For example, if your property is close to the sea, you may choose a theme that reflects the beautiful landscape, the skies, and even the ocean. When you choose a theme, make sure it’s something you are passionate about or have enough knowledge about. Be careful to not do too much as it may defeat the purpose entirely.

Provide Good and Adequate Lighting 

This is often overlooked since homeowners rarely use the homes. Lighting is very important in rental apartments. Provide lighting in all the rooms including additional lighting in the bedrooms instead of just an overhead light. 

The kitchen, hallways, and bathrooms too should have adequate lighting to avoid accidents. Since it is an unfamiliar place, guests will fumble around without enough lighting to see their way.

When all decorations are done, visit every room of your rental apartment as though you were a guest and ensure that every room is equipped with all that is necessary to meet the needs of your guests.