Unbelievable Gardens That Will Make You Enthusiastic

For today I have Inspirational and Majestic Botanical Gardens You Have to See. I felt in love with them and, if you are one of those people that are addicted to gardening, you will probably like them too. Botanical gardens have collection of plants that are scientifically maintained, ordered, labeled and documented for enjoyment, conservation, research and public education.

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It is the perfect time to visit Brooklyn, Missouri and Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Let’s take a look at the gallery below and learn something about them.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York City

This magnificent garden is located at 990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, United States. It is 52 acres of beautiful pastoral lawns, flower borders and trees – place that you should definitely visit in your lifetime. On Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m there are free guided tours.

The conservatory encloses Temperate, Desert and Tropical indoor gardens, Orchid House and a Bonsai Museum. Japanese Hill and Pond Garden is one of the most dramatic display in the garden with architectural elements like lanterns, bridges and rock and lake at its center.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden can also be an unforgettable setting for your Big Day too.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 3
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Brooklyn Botanic Garden 2
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Brooklyn Botanic Garden 1
image via blog.asianinny.com

Missouri Botanic Garden, St. Louis, Missouri

This impressive garden is located at 4344 Shaw Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63110. I need to say that is easy accessible throughout the metro area.

As is founded in 1859, it is the nation’s oldest botanical garden. It mission is to discover and share knowledge about plants and their environment in order to preserve and enrich life.

This garden offers you an oasis of 79 acres in St. Louis that should definitely be visited, as it is a center for science education and botanical research. If you go to Missouri Garden, you will see an amazing horticultural display, Henry Shaw’s original 1850 estate home, the world’s largest collection of endangered and rare orchids, a 14-acre Japanese strolling garden…

This garden is an oasis, place of beauty and piece, center of conservation, science and education or simply said it is a place where you can spend your free time with your family and have a lot of fun.

missouri botanic garden 3
image via www.historylines.net
missouri botanic garden 2
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missouri botanic garden 1
image via www.cityprofile.com

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

This fascinating botanical garden is located at 2612 Lane Park Road, Birmingham AL 35223. In other words, it is situated in the area where Mountain Brook, Homewood and Birmingham meet.

It’s a 67-acre park that features at least 25 separate gardens, numerous amazing water features, and native plant life which is of great benefit and interest to the long list of birds that live in this gardens, like Henslow’s Sparrows, Peregrine Falcons, White Pelicans, White-fronted Geese, Red Crossbills, Chuck-will’s-widows, American Woodcocks and more.

You shouldn’t skip to visit it, because it is one of the most beautiful places in that region. You can go almost any day in the year and spend 3-4 hours to see the beauty of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and their high leveled educational component.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens 3
image via www.marriott.com
Birmingham Botanical Gardens 2
image via alabamabirdingtrails.com
Birmingham Botanical Gardens 1
image via www.birminghambotanicalgardens.org.uk

When you are exhausted and you want to escape from the busy and stressful life, these gardens can be a perfect gateway for you. Have you visited them? Which one did you like the most? I can’t decide yet! If you have been there, please feel free to share your opinion in a comment below. Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Karma Stream!