Life-Changing Kitchen Organization Ideas

It doesn’t really matter what size your kitchen is, because both can become cluttered if there isn’t a good organization. All you need are some genius space saving ideas that will give your kitchen an organizational boost.

That’s why I have made you a collection of life-changing kitchen organization ideas that will make your life in the kitchen easier and much better. Check them out and inspire yourself!

You can organize everything with placing a multi-functional wall mounted rack. As you can see on the picture below, you can stack the plates, hang the coffee mugs and the other kitchen items. We all need a rack like these.

orhanization idea-plates and glasses
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Some kitchen islands have fridges for vegetables and fruits. Brilliant idea that every kitchen needs.

organization idea-fuits and vegetables
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This idea is perfect for small kitchens, because you can double the worktable.

organization idea-working countertop
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Ingredients that are often used, like sugar, flour and salt should be kept on in dry place in containers in a drawer within easy reach. The containers can be easily removed and washed.

organization idea-food
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Dinnerware set is another kitchen staple that is very tricky for organizing. Usually they are stacked in a wall cabinet or drawer near to the dishwasher or sink.

organization idea-plate drawer
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Your collection of spices should also be well organized in your kitchen. They are small in size, so you won’t need much space for storing them. The pull-out racks are best storage system that keeps spices in full view, so you can easily identify each one.

organization idea-spice rack
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Pots and pans are very tricky for storing, because they take a lot of space. But, I have found you a clever solution – wall pot rack. It is very useful and you will have an easy access to every pot and pan.

organization idea-pot rack
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If you are a coffee lover, then you probably need a space just for coffee. The picture below is a very interesting example of displaying coffee mugs.

organization idea-coffee mugs
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The best way for organizing the knives in your kitchen is by mounting magnetic steel knife holder on the wall. This holder will also provide safety and will organize the knives in a clever way.

organization idea-knives
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Gather up the oil, vinegar, pepper and salt shakers in a basket and place it neat the stove.

organization idea-oil and vinegar
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There are various sets of decorative ceramic jars that you can use as holders of cooking pots and mixing bowls. This kind of sets usually are placed on the counter top, because the items placed in it are used everyday.

organization idea-cooking pots and mixing bowls
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Did you like these kitchen organization ideas?

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