Pet-Proof House: Items You Didn’t Consider as Household Dangers

Every pet owner knows that animals are always ready to eat anything they can find in the house without a twinge of conscience. Cats chew the leaves of various plants, and dogs sometimes act like vacuum cleaners collecting all the food they can find on the kitchen floor. This habit can be deadly for pets because some items that you would never think of can be dangerous for them.

This is why it is so important to learn about rare as well as common household items and examine your place before adopting a pet.

Drugs and Dietary Supplements

What is suitable for a human being is not necessarily the same for an animal. In fact, it can become a poison for your pet, so never leave medicines unattended and always store them in places where your pet will not be able to reach. Make sure to keep cravings and chewing behaviors down, providing your dog with an optimal feeding schedule and food, like limited ingredient dog food, breed specific dog food or well balanced treats to lower its desire to seek treats everywhere. Of course, hiding your medication is the most important step. Think of your pet as a toddler. 


While they are responsible for creating a calming atmosphere at your home and setting the mood for restful sleep, candles can also harm dogs and cats. To make your pet safe try to keep an eye on them and put somewhere your pet won’t reach them.

Unscented candle wax itself is not toxic for animals, but many candles consist of essential oils or scents that can harm your pet if it happens to eat them. Another danger can come from a candle wick or metal parts because they can damage your pet’s organs in case of eating them.


Go through your houseplants and read up on them. Not many people realize that they have poisonous plants in their home until the worst happens. A popular myth is that cats and dogs will “know” when something is poisonous and not eat it – that is not the case. 

Check out this infographic for more info: