Tufted Walls Add Drama to Any Interior

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Tufted walls are one of the most intriguing and interesting ones, and I have selected some fascinating interiors that incorporate tufted walls. Check them out and inspire yourself. You may find an interior that perfectly match your style, preferences and needs, who knows. Enjoy and have fun!

round bed
image via www.homeplandesignpics.net
modern black bedroom
image via photos.hgtv.com
tufted reading area
image via www.kufur-kassem.com

The trend of tufted panels have been around for many years, but lately, every interior designer feature them in every project. If you want to bring a new texture into your interior, you should definitely think about incorporating tufted walls.

Tufted walls are perfect for the home theaters because they eliminate any echo and keep out the noise from the other rooms or outside, which means that they act as acoustic shields in the room. They turn a simple setting in an elegant and luxurious space.

You can find tufted wall panels in any color, design and style. Pick the one that you like the most and define the overall look of the space, add regal style and air to your living room, bathroom or bedroom.

red bedroom
image via www.decoist.com
tufted bedroom2
image via www.examsuites.com
luxury living room
image via www.examsuites.com

Tufted walls are not only incorporated in home theaters, but you can find them in many dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. I really like the reading nook with tufted wall. It looks very comfortable and relaxed zone for reading.

More homeowners are replacing the traditional headboards with more exclusive tufted wall, and that’s because of its benefits, modern and sophisticated and spectacular look. These type of panels will make your room look more luxurious and will also give a posh and intimate atmosphere. I need to mention that they work great to both large and small spaces, so there’s nothing to worry about, because everyone can incorporate tufted walls, in any space.

tufted bedroom
image via www.houseofmoseley.com
tufted wall inteior design
image via www.decoist.com
dining room tufted wall
image via couturewindowfashions.wordpress.com

Tufted wall panels look astonishing in bathrooms too. They make them look magnificent, modern and glamorous. You can bring freshness into your room with bright tufted panels. Think about yellow, beige, pink or blue.

tufted bathroom
image via wallpaperworldwide.com

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