Use Your Old Jars To Make Beautiful DIY Decorations In No Time

Use Your Old Jars To Make Beautiful DIY Decorations In No Time

DIY’s are always a good idea. When it comes to decor or storage ideas, you can always get creative and make something. Just use your creativity and your masterpiece will be done! This post will help you create extraordinary decorations with a simple item that you have at home. You all probably have a pile of unused empty jars somewhere in your home. Use these and make some incredible creations!

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  1. Lights in a jar


Lights in a jar is probably the best idea. Take a few clean mason jars. Put some few string LED lights that are battery-operated. Add a string in each jar, and you have the most beautiful decoration. This will be perfect for your terrace.

2. Jar lamp

You can make a pretty lamp with the old mason jars. You will need some transparent stones, hot glue and a jar of your choice and light. Stick the stones on the sides of the jar. You can put solar lights inside. And you will end up with some fancy looking lamps that will look great in your garden.

3. Flower vase

Ordinary jars can be turned into nice vases , attached to a wall. These wonderful decorations will freshen up your home.

4. Candy jar

You can make cute candy jars for your kids. Just glue some glitter to the sides. Add up some ears and eyes and you have a perfect gift for children!

5. Item storage

Ordinary jars can be turned into beautiful decorations that can be used for storage too. To make it even more fancy, you will need paint of your choice and plastic animal toys. Paint the lid and the toys separately and stick them together. You will end up with this pretty boxes for storing makeup.

A few more ideas for using your old mason jars