Want some Glamour in your House?

Homes are something to show off. After being outbid on six separate houses or slow to pounce on that downtown apartment, the living space we finally do lock down needs to be gratifying. It needs to be glamorous. This may sound unattainable – as if gold needs to frame every mirror and our chandeliers must have seven tiers – but in reality, it’s easy to obtain as a sense of style.

What is Glamour?

A glamourous house is where it’s right to drink neat rye or stovetop espresso; where you match the décor if you’re dressed up instead of dressed down. That doesn’t simply mean extravagance. Fur-covered-everything would look tacky. Instead, sophisticated glamour is a statement of elegance and fine living. It’s a clean space, comprised of quality furniture, with a distinct style that makes a statement. For every statement piece you own, there needs to be something toned down and contemporary to keep the statement from seeming boisterous. Glamour stands out, but is also displays intelligence and subtlety.

What to look for?

Natural materials are a timeless sign of quality furniture. A linen sofa or a leather armchair will show that substance matters to you. Real wooden frames properly accent any chair. In the bedroom, silks will pay off in comfort as well as boldness; fur, glass, plush cotton, and even stone will demonstrate a demand for quality — which is always glamorous.

Metals should also be on the forefront of your mind when decorating. Gold and brass catch the eye and make a sure statement. Nickel, steel, and chrome create a very clean look but can still stand out. Metals like copper and wrought iron are more traditional and thus more subdued. Also consider the different metal finishes, and how they change the style of a room. Polished metal will shine, which is great for statement pieces. Brushed metal is matte, and creates an understatement.


Glamour is not one single style. It’s about taking a style and making it stunning. With a concept so open, inspiration can come from any time or place. The more specific you can focus, the more unique it will be. A Canadian cottage may be an obvious style, whereas a Nordic cottage is a similar aesthetic with more flair. Or, a general antique look is relatively common, but Victorian antique is far more characteristic. Look up photos to see how other designers have interpreted these worlds.

And remember that your home is not an episode of Dr. Who. You don’t want to completely step into an outdated style. Infuse modernity where you can. If your wallpaper is patterned to look 100 years old, contrast it with a modern table arrangement. If you’re living room screams of 60’s minimalism, throw a stylish fur blanket over the armchair. Glamour is never entirely ‘copy-catting’ a style.

Number One on the Shopping List

Focus first on what will have the greatest impact. The chandelier is the most obvious. It is a lone piece that hangs from your ceiling and it’s fashionably boundless. They are not sat in or held, and they don’t provide storage. Some don’t even give off light. Chandeliers are decadent, and choosing one that boldly expresses your taste will be a large step towards glamour.  

There are pieces of furniture that anchor each room. In the living room it’s the sofa. In the kitchen it’s the table. In the bedroom it’s the bed. Invest in these pieces. Hundreds of options can be browsed in minutes using online furniture stores like www.furniture.ca, so it doesn’t take a huge effort to ensure your anchor pieces are perfect. These tend to be the more expensive items, so make them last – invest in quality and look for timelessness.

What to buy on a budget

Glamour doesn’t need to break your bank. Because the style is open to taste, furniture stores and consignment shops can be a useful decorating resources. High quality knick-knacks can be found just about anywhere: a marble soap dish, a sturdy pen case, a bold wine rack. Mirrors are an easy find at a consignment shops. They increase a room’s light and makes spaces seem bigger. Quality decorations are hidden everywhere. These little touches will be huge steps toward a glamourous home.

Glamour is as easy as choosing the right furniture. A note for quality and an eye for style can turn your home into a statement of fine living.