10 Impressive Platform Bed Designs

After a long and stressful day, we all want to jump on the bed and sleep for hours. Do you like your bed? Is it as comfortable as it should be? The design of the bed, plays a huge role in our life. So, if your bed is not good enough, try to replace the old one with a new design.

For today, I have found some impressive platform bed designs that might make you buy a new platform bed for your bedroom. You can also find these beds under the name “cabin beds”.

Platform or cabin beds, are a modern vision of the traditional bed designs and they consist of several key elements. The main one is the structure of the bed or in other words the horizontal frame of the bed. You can find it in a rectangular or round shape.

platform bed-industrial
image via www.rhbabyandchild.com
platform bed-vintage
image via www.decorpad.com
platform bed-kids room
image via www.decorpad.com

Although they can be made from a variety of materials, platform bed designs usually are made of metal or wood, with variations made of leather of bamboo. Their simple design don’t feature a foodboard and a headboard.

If you have already noticed from the pictures, the whole bed platform can be larger than it’s necessary, which allow us to include built-in features in the bed design. If you want a multi-functional and contemporary bed, you can choose a platform bed design that comes with built-in nightstand.

platform bed-wood
image via www.dakaya.com
platform bed-black round
image via lvluxhome.com
platform bed-purple
image via homesdir.net
platform bed-modern industrial
image via vanelibg.com

As you can see, platform beds are minimalist with simple colors, forms and clean lines. It’s true that they can be larger than the traditional beds, but they are very comfortable and modern. If you are facing storage issues, you can also find a platform bed which also have a storage space underneath the frame.

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platform bed-gray bedding
image via vanelibg.com
platform bed-industrial
image via woodlandcreekfurniture.com
Platform bed-pink bedding
image via www.hayneedle.com

Did you like these platform bed designs above? You can integrate a platform bed in any room, making it more cozy and contemporary. What do you think? You can share your opinion with us, in a comment below. Thank you for reading! Enjoy your day!