17 Fantastic Ways to Incorporate Wicker Baskets in Your Interior

Hi there! My post for today is called “17 Fantastic Ways to Incorporate Wicker Baskets in Your Interior”.

Baskets are very useful for storing things like, blankets, pillows, oil and vinegar, dirty clothes, cosmetics, etc. Nowadays, you can find them in every size, shape, style and color.
If you want your life to become more organized, you should definitely need to make baskets your best friends. Let’s take a look at these wicker baskets that I selected for you. Enjoy and have fun!


Do you want your entryway to be well organized? You can organize the bunch of shoes you have in baskets.

image via depot88.com

Books, newspapers and other items that you don’t know where to put can be stored in baskets too.

image via fitthehome.com

Umbrellas can also be stored in the entryway in beautiful baskets that will stand as a decorative elements too.

image via www.coxandcox.co.uk


You can embellish your living room with baskets. You can place one on the coffee table to store things or just to be a decorative element.

image via www.irvinpelletier.org

If you love taking naps, you need a baskets to store your favorite pillows. You can place them next to the sofa.

image via www.irvinpelletier.org

Some people prefer bench designs, rather than sofa. If you need extra space for storing things, you can thing of incorporating bench design like the one below.

image via wefollowpics.com


If you thought that baskets can not be incorporated in a modern bedroom, you are wrong. Those who are living in small apartments, probably are facing storage issues. That’s the reason why, nowadays baskets can be seen in nearly every room, even in the bedroom. You can put the basket under the bed.

image via www.homedoo.com

There are plenty of beds, that incorporate baskets in their designs. These are space saving beds. perfect for apartments that are space limited.

image via www.homedoo.com

Baskets can be incorporated in the nightstands  too.

image via www.siteforms.net


Every kid has million toys. If you want to cut the clutter in the room of your child, buy some interesting baskets that will keep the toys organized. You can find baskets in every size, color and design, which means that there’s nothing to worry about. Pick the one that will perfectly fit to the style of the room. I advise you to choose baskets in some fresh and cheerful colors.

image via www.cholaonline.com


You can organize your bathroom vanity table with a small basket. You can put all of your cosmetics in it to have an easy access to everything when you are getting ready in the mornings.

image via www.dailyhomedecorideas.com

Towels are tricky for storing, because they need to be stored on a dry and tidy place. Find bigger baskets and place them under the sink or hang them on the walls.

image via www.furnishburnish.com

Dirty clothes can also be stored in baskets…

image via hausdekoration.org

Hmm… we don’t need to forget to mention that toilet papers can also be stored in baskets.

image via www.decoist.com


Baskets can also be very useful in the kitchen. You can place a basket on the countertop and put the bottles of oil and vinegar, salt and other spices in it.

image via www.shelterness.com

You can place baskets in the kitchen cabinets to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh.

image via www.ainteriordesign.com

Bread, newspapers, wine and other things can be cleverly organized in baskets.

image via www.thekitchenatrockhall.com