3 Best Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

With an outdoor kitchen, you have the privilege to prepare food, eat, and entertain without having to take that extra trip to your main home kitchen. A recent Outdoor Kitchen Consumer Profile report released by the National Kitchen and Bath Association revealed that up to 25% of respondents spend as high as $30,000 on the construction of a high-end outdoor kitchen.

Integrating stunning design to your outdoor kitchen plans is an excellent way to add versatility, functionality, and fun to your house. An impressive outdoor kitchen is one that gives you the same function as that of an indoor kitchen, gives off a welcoming atmosphere similar to that of a living room, and as delightful and enjoyable as that of a family room. Planning for the ideal outdoor kitchen designs, however, is a time-consuming endeavor. Here are three of the best tips to design the perfect outdoor kitchen for your home.

Pick the right location

The location where the homeowners plan to set up their outdoor kitchen is crucial and depends on many factors which include:

  • Wind pattern: Homeowners need to make sure that the location they pick does not allow smoke from grills to waft back into their house. So, they need to map out the general pattern of the wind in their yard and place the grill properly.
  • Distance: If the homeowners frequently receive guests and do not want to walk a long distance to reach their outdoor kitchen from the main house, especially while carrying heavy platters, then consider placing it relatively close to the indoor kitchen’s entrance.
  • Ambiance: Aside from being a fantastic place for cooking and eating, the outdoor kitchen serves as an extended space to entertain family and guests. So, homeowners should pick a location that’s conducive to dining and gives off warm ambiance.
  • Comfort and safety: Homeowners need to consider the outdoor floor traffic and the safety and comfort of both their family and guests. For instance, they should not place a hot grill near the area where the kids play.

Prepare your layout

Preparing the layout for outdoor kitchen designs is the key to building the perfect outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen plans or layout should include the material used as well as the floor layout. Be sure to choose the flooring that is not slippery when wet and can handle grease and food stains. Most importantly, select materials that promote safety.

Homeowners should take note of the climate and the weight of the appliances and try to draft a design that blends in with the rest of the house. Also, they should consider the kind of entertainment that they will be doing in the area.

Consider integrating shelters for cover, such as stone or louver roof system, to provide a comfortable atmosphere during rain or extreme heat.

Decide on your appliances

The types of kitchen gadgets that the homeowners choose will determine the size of their outdoor kitchen. Hence, when planning for the layout of their custom outdoor kitchen, they need to start thinking about the cooking appliances that they may need. Consider how each tool would fit in the design layout and ensure that they have enough room for each other.

When choosing the appliances, be sure to pick those that are durable and can withstand the changing seasons. Appliances made from stainless steel or ceramic usually work great in all climate conditions and need low maintenance.

Building an outdoor kitchen is an excellent way for you to enjoy cooking and eating while entertaining family and guests. To set up the ideal outdoor kitchen, you need to pick the right location, plan its layout, and decide on the proper appliances.