5 Backyard Camping Ideas

Winter will be here in a few short months and although it is going to be hard saying goodbye to summer and all the fun times spent in the sun, the changing of seasons does not have to be a bad thing. Make the most of the last weeks of fall by doing fun activities outside with the kids, or by yourselves for that matter. Being closer to nature is always rejuvenating and relaxing, even when it is in your own backyard! Here are 5 simple camping ideas to try out this weekend, to bring you closer to the organic wilderness that is your backyard.

  1. Build A Firepit

No camping trip is complete without s’mores and no firepit equals no s’mores! Build a firepit right in your own backyard but make sure it has a sturdy build to contain the fire safely, flagstones work the best, however bricks are a more affordable material to use. If you are short on space, you can build a portable pit out of metal or buy one online. 

  1. Hang Lights

String lights add such a magical touch to your backyard. Illuminate your camping area with these gorgeous lights that are wonderfully reminiscent of fireflies and glow worms, the kids (and adults) will love them. These enchantingly charming little favourites are easily available and so affordable to boot! If you are not keen on committing to permanent outside lighting, you can always use colourful lanterns around your chosen space instead – these look great hanging in trees or dotted along pathways. 

  1. Backyard Cooking

What camping trip is complete without hotdogs? Get yourself a wick kerosene camping stove to add to the realism, these are handy to have around even if you are not camping, everyone I know has one – it is no wonder kerosene heating oil is still in demand. If you are camping with little ones you can add to the cowboy feel of the evening by boiling water on the stove too and making some delicious hot chocolate to enjoy around the crackling fire. 

  1. Plan Activities 

As fun as it is to camp in the backyard, your kids will get bored quickly if you have nothing else planned. To keep them off their phones (or running back inside to their rooms), come up with a list of activities to do to keep them entertained. Lawn games during the day are always a fun favourite, so dust off that frisbee and get moving! For evening entertainment, an outdoor movie night is a wonderful way to bring all the kids together and ensure they have a great time.

  1. Tremendous Tents

Pick a tent from your favourite local camping gear store or get crafty with the kids and make yourselves a DIY tepee. Whichever option you choose, be sure to kit it out with warm blankets and torches for time-honoured traditions like telling ghost stories after dark. Do not feel bad if it is not perfect, one of the many wonderful things about camping in your own backyard is that you can go inside if it starts to rain or your tent falls over. The most important part is that you all enjoy your experience and have fun!