5 Red Flags For Clogged Drains and Sewer Lines And When To Call In Professional Help


Clogs, stench, and blockages are a common household problem. Whenever there are problems in the drains, most people attempt to repair rather than contacting expert plumbing services.

With tones of DIY guides online and the ease of accessing plumbing equipment from the department stores, the widespread assumption is that drain cleaning does not seem like a hard task.

While you might get away with a few quick fixes, the underlying problem could just be waiting to erupt and cause all sorts of expensive problems that will need professional fixing.  When should you call professional plumbing or plumbers in your area?

Here are five red flags that indicate you need to let the plumbing professionals do their work

  1.   Stubborn clogs

Some blockages never seem to go away no matter how many times you get rid of especially shower drains, and the kitchen sink.

Hair is a major cause of clogs in shower drains as it collects on the drains and blocks the free flow of water. On the other hand food particles also clog kitchen sinks.

So if you find yourself always removing hair strands for the shower drains or using the plunger far too often on your kitchen sink, then you need to hire a professional plumber who has the necessary tools and expertise to unclog your drains and sink.

  1.   Slow Drains

Do you have to wait for the water to drain off the sink for you to use the tap again? When you are experiencing slow drainage, then chances are: a clog is forthcoming; the pipes have been narrowed probably due to build up of grease, or your whole drainage system has been wrongly set up.

A plumber will assess your system, pinpoint the problem and take adequate measures to rectify it. The sooner you call the service, the sooner you get back to using your sink efficiently and even mitigate further damages.

  1.   Stench

If you notice foul smell around the house and you can’t find what is causing it, it’s probably emanating from your drains. Sewer odors are embarrassing and will quickly kill the mood around your house. These odors are mostly caused by clogging, or broken pipes and the sure way of getting rid of the stench, restoring proper drainage and saving everyone from getting sick is by having it cleaned by a professional.

  1.   Multiple blockages

When your sink, shower, toilet and all other drains around your property clog at the same time, then that’s not a weird coincidence, it’s a significant drainage problem! You can’t do much with your plunger and chemical drain cleaners. This is where the pros save the day and save you some time.

  1.   Water flooding

Finally, water flooding problem is the last of our five red flags that should get anyone to call an expert drain cleaning service. Flooding is a significant problem that occurs as a result of clogging and blockages in the drainage system. If not taken care of early, it can damage your carpet and flooring, causing hazardous electrical faults or even weaken your house foundation.

Should you notice any of these five red flags, then it is time to call in professional plumbing services.