6 Ways to Spruce up Your Home for the New Year 

Another new year is right around the corner. Know what that means—cleaning up the house. You may want to redo the interior and get a brand new house makeover to kick off a new January in style. Here are several ideas for doing just that:


  • Try a New Wall Paint 


The easiest way to get your home look refreshingly new is to repaint the walls. The task is relatively simple and straightforward. Try a new wall paint color that would highlight things in the room. Bright colored wall paint can make spaces look unique. However, you can also just repaint everything in white and add colors with room accessories, as explained below. 


  • Get More Light in Rooms


What’s a better way to start a new year that with a house full of bright rooms? Natural light during daytime reduces electricity costs and boosts your mood. If you plan on any type of remodeling for the coming year, consider getting replacement windows in Markham to considerably brighten up rooms. 

Enlarging your window frames definitely would let lighter inside. There are other options too, such as getting casement style windows that is durable and doesn’t have muntin bars obstructing light. So what are casement windows? This is a highly popular window design usually made from durable vinyl. 

You can also try clearing the way for sunlight to move in by removing large furniture. Slim or short furniture is great for flooding a room with natural light. 


  • Add Bold Touches to the Living Room with Accessories


Want to make your living room or the home office look really good but without spending a fortune on accessories? Then use accessories in colors that contrast with the wall paint. The result would be an interior that really stands out. For example, you can complement bare white walls with couch pillows in vivid tones. You can also add vases or paintings in bold hues to up to décor. 


  • Change the Curtains


Another simple home makeover option is to just change the curtains. This can be done in a budget-friendly manner, though you can spend as much as you like as well. If you don’t want to buy new, you can just dye the old curtains (might not be possible for all fabrics or designs). 


  • Try Growing Indoor Plants


In the coming year, become eco-friendly by caring for indoor plants. A trendy interior accessory, indoor plants can improve the looks of any room, even the kitchen. For those with the space, try growing a small herb garden in the kitchen for a truly unique interior. 


  • Clean Tile Grout


Cleaning off the grout in wall and floor tiles is laborious work, no doubt. But the effort is remarkably rewarding. Discolored grout can make any bathroom or a kitchen look dirty even if the tiles are clean. Once the grout is scrubbed off, the whole rooms looks like it was just built. Cleaning up the most used rooms in the house is a tough but excellent way to make your whole house look shiny new without spending a dime on expensive refurbishments. 

Don’t let the lack of a budget keep you from decorating your home. Most of the suggestions above can be done on a frugal budget.