How to Clean Your House in a Hurry

Would it not be amazing if you could get your house neat and tidy in less than one hour, instead of having to devote half of your day to it? The fact of the matter is, you can! Cleaning does not always have to be hard work. We are here to present you with a few incredibly simple tasks that are not time consuming, but still get your home gleaming as if you were doing a cleaning marathon.

Let us set the scene. You have just made yourself a nice cup of black tea. Your back is against the sofa, and you are preparing to watch your favorite show. Suddenly, your phone rings. One of your best friends is in town, and he/she wants to stop by for a drink in an hour. Are you going to say no? Of course not, you are delighted because you are going to see your friend. However, the friend is not aware of the stat of your house! So, you have got an hour on your hands. Let us sort this thing out.

1 Relax, take a deep breath

We have to remind you to stay calm. These types of situations can really be stressful, and we do not want you to feel stressed. Nothing bad is going to happen even if the house is not impeccable. Our advice would be to put on some of your favorite music, take a deep breath, and try to have fun! Before you begin, take two minutes to form a quick plan of your cleaning session. Look around you in order to spot the messiest areas that need most attention. Get to work!

2 Bathroom

Look, people tend to judge our cleanliness by the state of our bathrooms. Like other rooms, bathrooms have certain elements that need more attention than others. Our advice would be to focus on the toilet bowl and the mirror. These are the two elements that are most likely to be used when guests arrive. So, pull out your glass cleaner and swipe clean the mirror. As far as the bowl goes, drop some baking soda and white vinegar into it, and while you are waiting for the fizz to settle, clean the toilet seat. Flush in the end. This will take no more than 6 minutes.

3 Kitchen

If your kitchen is not separated from the living room by a door or at least a curtain, you know you have some additional work to do. All of those dirty dishes need to go straight into the dishwasher. The only thing you need to do is use your wet sponge to wipe clean the countertops. Make sure your bin does not smell nasty, for if it does, take it outside. Look around to see if anything is out of place, like condiments or kitchen implements, and if they are, sort them out.  

4 Sweep the living room

Usually, people tend to hang around with friends in their living rooms, because that is what they are for, right? This is the reason why you should probably need to be more attentive when it comes to cleaning this part of your home. Our biggest advice would be to sort out the clutter. Pick up an empty box and fill it with everything that does not belong there. Just getting rid of those unnecessary thing will make a huge difference! Together with that, you should probably take a wet cloth and run it over your coffee table and shelves, just to get rid of the dust quickly.

5 Scented candles

One of the greatest tricks you can pull is making your home smell like a field of lavender. Fragrant houses simply have different atmospheres. The best possible solution would be to light those scented candles. If you do not have any, fresh flower can also do the trick. However, if you do not have fresh flowers either, make your own air-freshener. Take an empty spray bottle, and fill it with a mixture of water and essential oils. Spray it all around the house, because it will make a pleasant atmosphere that will make your guests feel even more welcome.

6 Details

Devote a bit of your time to those details. For example, make sure your pillows are plumped up and positioned nicely on the sofa. If you have some blankets, fold them and lay them on top of the hand rest. Newspapers and magazines that are all across the room should be symmetrically stacked somewhere in the corner. Also, if you have blinds and ceiling fans, make sure they are dust free. if they are not, take a few minutes to sort them out. Plus, close the doors that lead to other rooms which will not be used during the visit.

7 Floors

Floors are very important. You do not need to spend a huge amount of time on them, but doing some vacuuming is a must. Do this in the end, because a lot of dust will fall down when you clean your shelves. It would not be a bad idea to use that DIY air-freshener and sprinkle some of it onto the rug.

8 Job done

Now, relax. Make a trip to your fridge to see if you have anything to offer your guests. Open a bottle of wine and get the glasses ready. Be sure to have a few pairs of house slippers! You do not want to bring in a ton of debris from the outside into your freshly cleaned home. Last, but not the least, have a great time with your friends!

However, we do understand if you do not want to be bothered by these kinds of tasks. Maybe you are a person that prefers relaxing during leisure time, or getting together with friends and family. Still, cleaning needs to be done. If you are looking for a cleaning maid for your home, or a part-time office cleaner, has the perfect solution for you. Reliability, efficiency, and reasonable prices, all can be found at Helpling.