Descriptive Essay on My Kitchen

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I never thought I could be attached to one space in my condo until I fixed up my kitchen. “Home sweet home” is not just an expression; you could feel at home when you open up yourself to particular space in your house. For me, it was my kitchen in my former home, and it remained my kitchen in my new apartment.

I love food, so it was natural that I fall in love with this space. However, I don’t just eat there. And it is the only place I can truly relax after a long day at work, school, or a stressful/non-eventful day. When I first moved into my apartment, I ate out for a while because I felt cooking was something I had to drop to focus on my studies/career. Over time, I weighed into how much weight I was gaining from all that unhealthy burger and decided it was time I dust off my pans and get some groceries. 

At that time, I had no other means of letting out bottled up steam from the stressful parts of my life. I tried reading and always slept on each book I pick. Then I checked out golf, and couldn’t improve on my swing after three weeks of unending practice. I was almost broken and was losing my mind.

Until I made my first meal in my new kitchen, I can still picture the moment. I had some fresh vegetables and craved pasta. Then, I thought about checking out my long lost pasta-making skills. I stepped into my kitchen, grabbed a few carrots, green beans, spinach, and my chop board. I haven’t used that for over nine months, and I felt a pang of guilt when I got it out from the racks.

Immediately I got down to cutting the vegetables; I felt an unexplainable calm take over me for the first time in a very long time. I felt this strong urge to relax, as I cut through the carrot, and instantly, I knew I had found salvation.  Throughout the entire 45 minutes, I spent making pasta, I forgot about my worries and got lost in the process. I was not only relaxed but had this inner calmness I never felt in a long while. It was overwhelming. I knew I enjoyed cooking whenever I get myself to do it. However, this was a whole level of energy.

All my worries instantly sipped away.  I got my pasta and left for my TV. It was the best time I had in a long time. That day I canceled out on buying food and went back to what I have missed doing in a long, long time. 

Since then, I took out time, every day to cook. I cooked, not just because I had to eat, but because it helped me relax. I feel in love again with this space, and I can tell, my utensils have missed me greatly. Whenever I am in it, I feel this joy. I feel like I am above my worries. Life can be very hard, but it felt the kitchen took away all the troubles I had.

Just like people go for yoga and meditation classes, cooking became my ritual, with the kitchen as my sanctuary. Whenever I did the dishes, I felt like I was cleansing my life. I washed away the old stuff and brought life to me again. It wasn’t just fun or refreshing to make a meal I never tried before, and I felt like I was creating something new.  I felt like a creator, with so much power in my hands and the cooking zone as my laboratory, I could make something beautiful. Then it hit me, and I was falling in love with my cooking.

Every day, I look forward to going home and trying out a new dish or recreating something special. Coffee tastes better when I drank it in the kitchen. Whenever I am worried or have a bad day, I spend some time there, making French fries or veggies sandwich to feel better.

Sometimes, I took my favorite book and read over the counter, sipping fresh orange juice while I leaf through in gladness. 

Gradually, my friends noticed my love for my cooking space. I would ask them to snack with me as with talked about our day, relationships, or just gossiped. Life felt good because I had one beautiful space in my home that I look forward to every day.

I love the other parts of my home, no doubt. I am a deep sleeper, so I love my bed. I follow lots of sitcoms and enjoy watching TV. However, none of these spaces could truly relax me the way my kitchen do.  I feel safe there. The smell of fresh tomatoes makes me feel alive. Opening up a can of fresh juice gives me hope for a better tomorrow. All these are possible because of my kitchen.