Feng Shui Tips For Getting Rid Of The Negative Energy In Your Home

Feng Shui Tips For Getting Rid Of The Negative Energy In Your Home

Your home is the place where you feel relaxed and happy. But, sometimes you can feel stressed too. Does your home has something to do with it? According to Feng Shui, it really does. How to improve your mood? Read on and check these helpful Feng Shui tips!

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According to Feng Shui, our home represents ourselves. And we must let the positive energy flow through the whole space, and let the negative out. This will make us feel better. The invisible energy that runs everywhere is called “chi” .If you improve the cycle of the energy in your home, you will improve your overall well-being. Old things and cluttered surfaces are the things that block the circulation of chi. Time to start with cleaning! These tips will help you bring only the positive energy in your home.


If you have random items on the visible surfaces, then it is time to get rid of them. Remove every item that does not belong there. If you use your kitchen counters for leaving items, stop doing this.


Cleaning the front door is a must. This will allow the positive energy to enter your home easily. Also, you should wipe the doors and door knobs.

Natural light

Provide as much natural light as you can. Open your windows and lift the blinds, or curtains. Sunlight and fresh air will improve your mood. Do not forget to clean the windows.

Get rid of the negative energy

A common method for getting rid of the negative energy is to put salt in the corners of your home. Salt is known to absorb the negative energy. Sprinkle a bit in the 4 corners of your room and leave it for 48 hours.

Clean the stove

Every corner of your home represents a certain state or feeling, according to Feng Shiu.  The stove top represents your financial state and health. Always keep it clean.

Keep the lids closed

Flowing water is known to take away the energy. Unfortunately, this is for the positive energy too. So, keep the lid from the toilet closed. This will prevent the positive energy from escaping your home.

Bring greenery

Plants are known to be excellent air purifiers. Place a few planters in your home to get some extra positive energy and additional freshness.