Fireplace Decor Ideas For When You Are Not Using It

Fireplace Decor Ideas For When You Are Not Using It

Do you have a cozy fireplace in your home? It definitely adds warmth in your home. What about the season when you are not using it? Does it have to stand there useless and alone? The answer would definitely be no. You can turn it into one eye-catchy corner. Check out these fireplace decor ideas and get started!

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Fireplaces are an important part of the home. They give that cozy look that everyone would enjoy. And decorating yours is a must. if you have one that you are not using, then you should get creative and convert it into the statement of the room. There are so many ways to do it. And here we have some pretty smart ideas for decorating  your fireplace and making it look extraordinary.

This is a pretty smart way to decorate your fireplace. If you don’t use it, but still want to bring the coziness then go for this. Fill it with lots of candles. Make sure you choose big sized ones. It looks truly spectacular!

This is a creative idea as well. Seems like decorating with succulents is  a nice way to bring some greenery in your home. Although the fireplace is a pretty unusual place to decorate with greenery, give it a go. It will look stunning, as no one would expect this.

Since the fireplace looks cozy, you should decorate the surrounding space with items that look cozy too. Place a chair next to it. Add some fluffy pillows. You can add a throw blanket also. This space will look so inviting and warm.

Decorating the space above? Always remember to achieve a harmonious look. Place two of the same items on the both sides. A huge frame in the center will truly make a statement.