Four Ways You Can Improve Your Living Room Decor

Your living room is meant to be the place where you gather with your family and enjoy time together; watching the game on TV with friends; throwing awesome Halloween parties. Essentially, it is the room where you are supposed to live. What if you can’t live with it anymore? What if your decor no longer fits your tastes?

Then it is time for a change, and here are some of the ways you can improve the decor in your living room to fit your current tastes.

What Color are Your Walls?

One of the quickest ways you can change the look of your living room would be to throw a new color of paint on the walls. Not just any color: make sure to pick out a color that is appealing and easy on the eyes. You do not want to have to repaint if the color you choose does not work out.

Try to stay away from too bold of a color. Heavy shades may seem great in theory, and they may be very beautiful, but when combined with the lighting, furniture, and carpeting in your living room, they may prove to be too much. Try faded or subdued shades of a color for your walls. These will work well with the other elements in the room but still add some flavor.

What about Furniture?

Not as cheap as repainting your walls, but changing out the furniture can help improve your living room. You can pick out new furniture individually or buy them as a set for a instant results. Pick a different color this time, something that still matches with the rest of your room but achieves that change in ambiance you want.

Try changing out the texture as well. This does not just mean choosing a couch upholstered in a different material. Include a style change as well. People tend to stick to what they know. Expand your horizons and consider a new sofa or a set of chairs that are out of your norm.

Did You Look at Your Floors?

Changing your flooring can be just as pricey as changing your furniture, but you have some inexpensive options if you are working on a budget. An area rug can liven up a living room if there wasn’t one before. Replacing an existing rug is even better from a design perspective; it is probably one of the aspects of the room that is bothering you. And with them taking up so much space, the feel of your living room will change instantly.

Maybe it is the carpet that needs to change. An old, dingy carpet with years of wear and tear on it can bring you down. Get excited and find a new one. If you are concerned about your kids and pets messing up the new one, keep in mind that carpets come in a variety of materials that are resistant to spills and stains they can make. Don’t let your family stop you from having the living room that you want.

Another option is to not just replace the carpet but to remove it all together. Take a look into hardwood flooring. Gray-stained wood is a popular color of hardwood right now, but there are so many styles to choose from you are guaranteed to find one that you like. Once you have your hardwood living room, throw down an area rug to give it even more excitement. Your maid service will probably appreciate the switch too.

Are Your Decorative Pieces Deplorable?

The artwork you have hanging on the walls may be the cause of your grief. Replacing them can give your living room a whole new air to it. Find new pieces that you can appreciate but which also compliment the other elements. Remember, you are looking for a change; don’t buy paintings or pieces that are similar to the ones you currently own.

If you do not have one, think about putting a mirror in your living room. They can make great focal pieces and will reflect the light around the room. The reflections will also add depth to the room, making it appear and feel larger than it actually is. If you already own a mirror, swap it out with a new one. A change in trim color and material with give your living room the extra detail it needs.