Important Bathroom Plant Tips To Help You Do It The Right Way

Important Bathroom Plant Tips To Help You Do It The Right Way

Plants are known to have so much benefits. They make excellent home decor and create better atmosphere. Also, they are known to be air purifiers. Today I have some helpful tips on indoor plants. Read on and find out more about bathroom plant tips and why to implement this!

Are plant suitable for bathroom?

If you are a plant lover, then you must have a house full with them. And you decorate every room with your favorite green buddies. But, there is one corner in your home that you probably haven’t thought of. Have you ever considered decorating your bathroom with plants? ┬áIt seems like a perfect idea to bring the greenery there too. And you might be worried about if the plants could survive such conditions. Bathrooms might lack sunlight, as they have only small windows to keep the privacy. Also, the air is so humid that you might wonder if anything will survive there.

Will the conditions be proper?

Low light conditions will require looking for plants that do not need direct sunlight. While lacking sun rays, you should use fluorescent lights in the bathroom, as they are the best replacement for natural light.

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Where will you place your planters? Since bathrooms tend to be small, plants on the floor is not a good solution. Instead, install some shelves. Or , they can be placed next to the window.

Which are the best plants for a bathroom?

Since the conditions are specific, you will need to choose your type of plant wisely. Succulents are probably the most famous indoor plants and you would think of planting them. But, you should consider that they do not like excess moisture. Surviving in the bathroom will be so difficult for them.

Instead, ferns will make the perfect plants for a bathroom. They love humidity, so they will enjoy the conditions. Peace lilies are also a good choice . Also, they will look awesome.

The beautiful orchids can also be grown in bathrooms. High humid areas are perfect for them. As they are considered to be hard to grow, it will be friendly environment for them. Snake plant is known as air purifier. So you can use that one as well.

Bamboo requires no light for growing. And that makes it the perfect choice for bathrooms. Despite for being humid friendly, it will look so stylish too.