Improvements to make to your lawn this summer

Keeping the grass looking green and lush during the summer might be a difficult task. The drought periods can make it dry, the lawn will turn from green to brown. Keep in mind that you need to take special care for the lawn during the hottest season. Read on and check our tips for the needed improvements that you need to do during the summer months. 

Feed the lawn with nutrients

If you want a healthy lush green lawn, you need to fertilize it with the right product. This will provide the needed nutrients for healthy grass. Do it before the summer season starts. Otherwise, it can burn your grass when the temperatures are high. You are advised to apply the fertilizer a month before the high summer temperatures. Always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. Too much of the fertilizer won’t make the grass greener. It can actually burn it. If you aren’t sure about how to do it, you can always hire a professional service.

 If you don’t know which company is reliable, you can check House Method for comparative reviews of different providers. You can decide whether you need fertilizing, or other additional services to maintain your lawn during the summer months.

Water in the right time

Watering is very important for keeping the grass in excellent shape. But, you will need to do it at the right time of the day. If you water the grass when it is too hot, all the moisture from the soil will evaporate. Do it in the morning or evening. This way, the moisture will stay in the soil and penetrate to the roots where it is needed. 

Don’t mow too much

In the summer you need to be really careful when mowing the lawn. If it is too short, the soil will be directly exposed to the sun. And this will make all the moisture evaporate. It is always better that you keep the grass longer so that it will create shade for the soil. Raise the blades when you do the mowing. You can keep them anywhere from half an inch to inch, depending on how quickly it grows. Don’t remove more than one-third of the stem. Mow less of the heigh, but more frequently to keep your grass in a good shape. 

Eliminate the bugs

The soft grass can be a home for bugs. You won’t like this, especially if you like to stay outdoors during the summer or your kids use it as a playground. You can contact a professional that will exterminate the bugs in the grass. You don’t have to do this if you won’t use the lawn for the summer entertainment. 

Install step stones

During summer you might notice a few spots that start to brown. This means that they have had too much wear and tear. You should decrease the traffic in those areas, or simply consider to install step stones to reduce the wear and tear.