Remodeling Your Home With Simple Hacks

Have you been dreaming for years about remodeling your home? You don’t have to wait any longer to make some simple changes that will create a noticeable difference in any room in your house. Begin today with a small change and gradually move from room to room. Better yet, jump into several home renovation projects that completely change the look of your home. Here are some ideas on ways you can remodel your house with some simple hacks.


Many bathrooms are small, have no storage, and need better lighting. If you want to update your bath and make the room appear larger, there are some easy techniques you can use. Lighting, windows, and mirrors can reflect light rays around a small room to present an optical illusion that makes the area appear larger. You can also change the counter to a colonial marble for a more opulent and rich looking counter-top.


Bedrooms are more than cubicles used for sleeping. Many people enjoy reading, relaxing, and even Sunday morning lounging in their bedrooms. Update your bedroom with painted walls in your favorite soothing color to make the room inviting. You can also update closets with organizers and storage bins for stowing seasonal clothing away.

Laundry Room

Often used but frequently neglected, your laundry room can probably use a facelift to help modernize the entire area. Hang cupboards or shelves for storage. Install a line for hanging clothing that can’t be dried. Add a sink for washing out stains or delicate clothing items. Lastly, drape colorful curtains to add personality to the room.


Remodeling a kitchen can be expensive if you change out all of the appliances, flooring, and cupboards. However, you can make the area look and feel modern without breaking the bank with a few remodeling hacks. Paint the walls and cabinet doors for a dramatic new look. You can also install new handles to freshen the cabinets.

Family Room

One of the most used rooms in any home, the family gathering place can show wear and become cluttered very easily. To keep the room clutter-free, add shelves for books, games, and blankets. If you have room, build a closet to hide the items away. Don’t forget about adding a wood heater or fireplace if your building code allows the addition.


You don’t have to buy new office furniture to remodel your home office. Instead, why not shift the furniture you have around and add a bookcase or other type of shelving for storage. Adding daylight bulbs and modern light fixtures can also make the room more appealing and inviting.


If you don’t have a deck, build one as soon as possible to increase your home’s living space. If you do have a deck, add some accouterments to make it a first-class area. From a food-prep zone to a full kitchen, you can find something to fit your budget that will also allow you to enjoy the space more fully.


If you have an unfinished basement, finishing the area can almost double the living space in your home. If your basement is finished, but you don’t use the area very often, a remodeling project can make the room more usable and comfortable. Change a bedroom into a man cave or a communal area into a projection room. Whatever you can imagine, you can build with the help of your friendly contractor.

You don’t have to live in your home another year without updating, renovating, or remodeling to make your home better fit your needs. By making any room more comfortable, brighter, or fresher, your family will be sure to spend more time there. Poll family members and jot some ideas down on paper to find out what your family dreams for every room in the house. You may be inspired!